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Asymmetrical c section overhang?

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strangerjo Wed 06-Apr-16 16:27:23

I had a c section 5 weeks ago. I have no overhang ('pouch') on the left side of the scar but I do have overhang on the right side which is also the side I have pain.
Does anyone else have asymmetrical overhang? Could this be a cause of pain?

VenusRising Wed 06-Apr-16 16:35:32

Strangerjo, congratulations!

You may need to pop back to see your midwife/consulant if you have pain. There may be an infection.

If you are fine and everything is healed up nicely, then you may need to see a physiotherapist as you might have adhesions internally holding a muscle layer. The physio will give you exercises to release the trapped muscles. She should give you an ultrasound to see the adhesions, pre and post treatment.

Try and stretch up and stand as straight as you can in the meantime.

strangerjo Wed 06-Apr-16 16:54:20

VenusRising - thank you! I haven't heard of a physio giving ultrasound to see adhesions - I didn't know it was possible to see them. Is this something the nhs would do? Cheers

VenusRising Sat 09-Apr-16 21:23:19

I had to go privately to see mine, but I stupidly didn't make an appointment with the maternity hospital where the sessions would have been free.
I guess I didn't want to make a fuss at the time, and was too tired and stressed out after the birth.

Good luck with it, and congrats again.

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