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Reduced fetal movements- advice please

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Vikkieb Wed 06-Apr-16 08:13:05

Hi, I had reduced (none) baby movements on Wednesday (35+6) and went in to be assessed - trace was good (although I couldn't feel any movements) scan was ok, showed lowish fluid levels (5.3cm) I was booked in for a full growth scan for the Thursday (36 weeks)

The scan was ok, baby head down (third baby) fluid levels in normal range and baby measuring at approx 5.3lb so under the 50th centile - midwives have been measuring me over the 90th - the lady said that everything ok and to see community midwife as normal.

Friday pm - the most horrific headache to the point I was sick, paracetamol didn't touch the sides, up most of the night with it! Saturday led in a dark room as the light was really irritating me, usual BH, cramps backache etc...

This morning (Sunday) the headache was still very persistent and nausea is awful so called the delivery suite as assessment bay not opened. Midwife was really great with me, could clearly see my head was sore, turned all the lights out in the room etc... Was hooked back up to the machine as expressed movements were still very decreased for baby. Trace showed over 40 minutes that heart rate dropped under 100 4 times however the midwife was confident that it just lost touch and picked up my pulse instead. BP normal, urine sample showed +1, consultant checked me over and said I might have a viral infection causing the headache and general unwell, checked on a scan and fluid levels he said were perfect, 9.6 in highest.. He asked if I wanted to stay in hospital, which I declined due to my other children and I feel pretty rotten but don't want to take up a bed..

The midwife explained that as its my second episode of reduced movements I know have to have traces twice a week as its a new trial they are doing across the NHS, she didn't really explain what/why or the next stages if I still continue to have reduced movements or my headache

I've come home and been prescribed dihydrocodeine which I can take every 3-6 hours (taken two already, it isn't easing the dull ache however is making me able to tolerate light) and I'm back in on Tuesday for another trace

Movements haven't increased, head is still sore and after advice/similar experiences please (does anyone know what the guidelines are for several reduce movements episodes) - I'm 36+2 today - didn't have any problems in either of my previous two pregnancies

Thanks in advance (sorry for the long post)

Update - I went for another CTG yesterday (Tuesday at 36+4) no BP taking, I had the shivers so they got me a blanket and my pulse was 120 - midwife wasn't concerned just said looked like I had a cold - was monitored for over 2 hours as really struggled to get movement but trace was within range - have been sent away until Friday already the midwife was quite dismissive with me and said - that I don't have to come in on Friday if I feel it's not nessercary- I asked what if before Friday movements haven't increased and are still relatively low for baby she just smiled and went well your CTG are ok it's probably because your unwell...

Will I just now have CTG twice a week until birth or will they offer induction? Is there a reason for such decreased movements from such an active baby but with scan and CTG all good?

Never experienced this with my previous two pregnancies .. Still feel totally rubbish and been told that shouldn't be having dihydrocodeine which was prescribed from the doctor on delivery...

Feeling fed up, ill and very concerned - help please

Thanks xx

Frazzled2207 Wed 06-Apr-16 08:26:22

Hi I can't really help but I wouldn't be happy, sounds very difficult.
In your situation I would be calling the hospital and playing up your symptoms if you need to, to get checked again.

Frazzled2207 Wed 06-Apr-16 08:30:18

On second reading it sounds like you may be ill and this may be nothing to do with pregnancy (though of course it might) Hence MWs may not be sufficiently knowledgeable.
If hospital won't see you today get an emergency appt with the gp.
Either way you need to see a
DOCTOR today and not be fobbed off anymore
Hope you feel better soon

Brenna24 Wed 06-Apr-16 08:31:36

I have no experience I am afraid. You will probably get more responses on the pregnancy board than in conception. I hope all is well.

Vikkieb Wed 06-Apr-16 08:35:45

Sorry didn't realise which one I put it on - thank you xx

Cottonflossy Wed 06-Apr-16 08:35:56

I had very similar symptoms to you. Luckily I had a good healthcare team as I would of certainly lost my baby had he been in there any longer. He had iugr which was undiagnosed even though I had weekly scans. I delivered him the day after being admitted and although small he was perfect and is totally healthy now.

Should say that his heart rate was normal it was just the decreased movements.

I'm sorry if my story frightens you I don't want that but please listen to your instincts.

LittleHeart2014 Wed 06-Apr-16 08:45:07

I experienced RFM with my daughter and was admitted to hospital for scans on two occasions. The new system of weekly checks hadn't come in yet.

My movements stopped on one occasion because I was unwell, it can be quite common apparently, have you been keeping hydrated? On the other occasion I was messed about a lot and had a rather dramatic midwife and now think dismissive can sometimes be best. She put all kinds of ideas in my head and it wasn't a healthy experience. Anxiety levels shot through the roof!

My SIL has been in for twice weekly monitoring since mid March and she's absolutely fine. Whenever she's concerned she has a cold, fizzy juice with ice cubes and a warm bath. Seems to do the trick.

Can you call your community MW? Not healthy for you to be sitting there worrying xx

SmallBee Wed 06-Apr-16 08:52:19

Please don't pay any attention to what the guidelines or regulations are, because your body doesn't care.
If you feel something isn't right,if you aren't happy at all or just need reassurance then keep calling. Call your maternity unit, your gp, your community midwife and be persistent. Don't worry about bothering them, that's exactly their job. Don't worry about annoying them, in a few weeks you don't need to see them again and your health and your babies is more important than strangers feelings.
Visit the Kicks Count website if in doubt.

Salene Wed 06-Apr-16 08:55:11

I had reduced movement on two occasions and they told me baby was safer out than in. I'd be asking to be seen by a consultant and discuss what options are available to you. Don't be fobbed off , go with your instinct.

Vikkieb Wed 06-Apr-16 08:55:46

Thank you, I will call them back up today, doesn't help that I can't see the community midwife either this week, she's no appointments etc.. So I can't check a urine sample again sad

Cottonflossy Wed 06-Apr-16 09:22:01

My community midwife was useless. I just used to skip her and ring the ward directly.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Apr-16 10:14:47

Hi all, we're moving this over to our Pregnancy topic now.

flowers For you, Vikkieb, hope you're okay.

Brenna24 Wed 06-Apr-16 18:26:03

How did things go today?

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