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18 weeks pg and completely exhausted - please help!

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MummyMcMumFace Mon 04-Apr-16 19:14:09

I'm 18 weeks pg with dc2, ds1 is 11months, he's a real live wire and just started to walk on his own so he's into everything. I'm completely shattered and even though we have just had 5 nights of unbroken sleep I just have no energy. My back & pelvis still haven't recovered from the first pg and birth (forceps), I'm sore all the time and with all the bending, lifting and carrying ds1 it feels like it's never going to heal!
Please share your coping strategies and pearls of wisdom, there's light at the end of the tunnel right?

MintyBojingles Mon 04-Apr-16 19:54:16

I'm 20 weeks and have a 20 month old, though had a easy birth last time. Got bad PGP this time though. It's really tough!

My coping strategies involve getting her out & about in the morning to wear her out, then napping whilst she does in the afternoon. I'm encouraging her to walk more, but I guess that at 11 months he might not be walking yet? Also do you have a partner? Can he help out more?

MummyMcMumFace Tue 05-Apr-16 10:45:55

Thankyou Minty, sorry to hear you are suffering with pgp thoughflowers
My dh bless him is very supportive and helps wherever he can, unfortunately he works long hours (he's a vet) so hardly sees us during the week. Ds1 has just started to walk so I'll try and get him out and about more, although I'm shattered just contemplating it! We have our nct group who meet regularly and they are all lovely, although many of them are starting back to work now so I guess we'll see them lesssad

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