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Low Papp-A, what next?

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SpecialStains Mon 04-Apr-16 18:45:37

Due to an admin error, I have only found out today that in the results from my combined screening test at 12weeks, I have low Papp-A levels (unsure of absolute values). My combined risk for downs was low at 1:1952. 12 and 20 week scan all perfectly normal.

They have scheduled me an appointment with a consultant on Friday (which I should have had at 16weeks). I presume my risk is more for placenta issues than chromosomal. Can anyone tell me what to expect in this appointment? What does this mean in terms of baby's health?

I'm on a multiscan pathway so will have additional scans at 30, 32 and 36 weeks for growth. I am a healthy 25yr old, never smoked or taken drugs, don't drink, bmi approx 20, no underlying medical conditions (other than hyperemesis in pregnancy).

Just scared and Friday's appointment seems a long way off!

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