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Maternity Bras - Tiny boobs??

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Figgygal Mon 04-Apr-16 13:03:36

Hi All

I am a 36A my boobs didn't change one bit in my previous pregnancy and they haven't again this time at 14wks. Unpadded and non underwired bras make my tiny books look even more tiny and ridiculous.

I did buy some mat bras last time but was so self conscious I reverted back to normal bras and I do worry that it influenced the disaster that was my BF attempts. I assume it is to do with the breast tissue and not constricting the glands which normal bras may do?

Has anyone not bothered with them? should I get myself to Mothercare or some other place at weekend for measuring?

dementedpixie Mon 04-Apr-16 13:06:22

Are you really 36A?? Measure according to this guide to get an idea of size

dementedpixie Mon 04-Apr-16 13:07:24

Also a well fitting underwired bra is fine when pregnant/bf

Quodlibet Mon 04-Apr-16 13:11:30

I haven't bothered with them - if you've got a well-fitting bra then the underwire shouldn't be a problems it's underneath the breast tissue. Really really doubt it would have been a factor in BF!

If you do want some non-wired, well-shaped bras with padded cups though Gap is worth a look. I've got a great one from there which is super comfy and does a great shape.

TeamEponine Mon 04-Apr-16 13:12:25

I am also quite small of boob, but loved this when I was feeding...

It is lightly padded, which helped give me some shape, and also made me less worried about leakage!

KatharinaRosalie Mon 04-Apr-16 13:51:34

As pp said, well fitting normal bras are totally fine. Whatever you do, do not go to Mothercare for measuring, they have no idea.

BeardMinge Mon 04-Apr-16 14:07:59

Bravado Bodysilk are what all of my more reasonably boobed friends swore by. Very comfortable apparently.

Junosmum Mon 04-Apr-16 15:21:10

I wore a normal bra in pregnancy- padded and underwired I am also small chested - 34A. I'm now breastfeeding very sucessfully and when my milk cam ein my boobs ballooned to 34C (which I'm loving) I now wear lightly padded breastfeeding bras- I wear lightly padded ones as I prefer the shape they give my boobs.

Sezramum Mon 04-Apr-16 16:42:41

I am also on the small side and just carried on wearing my normal under-wired bras until they became too uncomfortable. I then bought some maternity/feeding bras from Mothercare. They are slightly padded but without the under-wire. I was happy to buy feeding bras at this stage as I know that when the feeding routine settles down, I wont need the much larger ones (that I have just bought with 9 days to go) for when the milk comes in.

You can end up spending a fortune if you are not careful!

IamChipmunk Mon 04-Apr-16 16:43:56

Try Debenhams for decent measuring, I have smallish boobs although they do get bigger when pregnant. I wore normal under wired bras when pregnant. I just got measured at about 20 weeks and then again nearer the end.

You can wear a 'normal' bra to feed in. If it fits properly it should be fine. Although I found a feeding bra much easier to work with!!

1frenchfoodie Mon 04-Apr-16 18:10:53

I bought 2 packs of SIA maternity bras from Amazon for my previously 36B boobs - med and then large as they grew more than expected so may be worth seeing what size small/xsmall are. Very comfy and about £14 for 2 bras. They come with padded inserts.

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