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36 week scan

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clashofclanswidow Mon 04-Apr-16 12:28:33

AIBU to want one for a couple of reasons?

How hard is it to pursuade your midwife for a referral for one? =(

Not mocking their purpose or taking it lightly - I don't just want "another scan" or anything stupid.

My first labour was back to back and nearly 60 hours from start to finish. Totally unprepared as midwife had said she was in the right position (her back to my front, head down etc) Would feel better knowing possible position baby might be in?

Split with baby's Dad so been under a lot of stress and worried for baby's wellbeing too =(

Am I just going to get laughed at if I ask?

May09Bump Mon 04-Apr-16 13:05:18

Just say what you have put down in your OP. If they won't give you one and affordable, maybe pay for a private one (about 50 pounds here).

I had a similar experience, but have had additional scan as baby 2 is measuring big.

Stiddleficks Mon 04-Apr-16 13:11:52

I had a 38 hour back to back labour with my first, I had additional scans because of my own health problems. My first Dd was in the perfect position at my scan at 37 weeks, but turned herself by the time I delivered at 42 weeks.
My second labour baby was bank to back at my 36 week scan but my labour from start to finish was 1 hour 45 mins and she was the right way round.
What I'm getting at is, that I understand why you want to be prepared but a scan at 36 weeks doesn't mean things will stay that way. And just because your first labour was long, your second may go completely differently.

Mummyme87 Mon 04-Apr-16 16:50:56

Babies rotate a lot and continue to during labour, a scan at 36/40 won't tell you what position baby will be in for labour. What would you do if baby was back to back at 36weeks anyway? Also your midwife doesn't make the decision for a scan, it's the fetal medicine department who do, and baring in mind they are under huge amounts of pressure with referrals left right and centre for medical reasons, I strongly suspect a request for a scan with your rationale will be declined.

I would suggest looking in to optimal fetal positioning instead. Avoid lying on your back, avoid sitting semi recumbent, try to keep active, spend time on all fours/kneeling/leaning forward over the back of a chair

clashofclanswidow Mon 04-Apr-16 17:36:16

Ok thanks all

My DD was in a good position when I started contracting and back to back by the time I was in active labour, so I'm not sure any scan would have been any good for us! By all means speak to your midwife though.

BettyBi0 Tue 05-Apr-16 09:57:11

I'm surprised more Trusts don't offer a late scan as standard to check the growth is still on track and placental/umbilical cord flow. At UCLH it is standard.

As for position of baby, I was told if baby is head down at 36 weeks then very unlikely to switch back to breech or transverse. However, they can still rotate fairly freely to back to back still with head down so to do my best with good forward and upright postures, no sofa slumping etc. Not sure if these things actually make a difference as a friend who is a proper yoga bunny and did everything right still had a horrific back to back birth.

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