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unwell - flu

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Cinnamon48 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:18:54

Hi looking for some advice

I've been very unwell the last week to the point where my gp admitted me to hospital .. I was diagnosed with flu and given IV fluids due to severe dehydration I'm home now and getting better each day

I'm 16 weeks pregnant but really worried as to what effect this may have had on baby .. When I was in hospital although they did not appear concerned about baby the only check they made was to feel my tummy

Any one else been through this or any advice would be really appreciated X

LumpishAndIllogical Sun 03-Apr-16 14:47:14

I had bad flu and then bronchitis in last pregnancy and admitted to hospital but ds was completely fine, he is 5 now.

Had bad flu twice in current pregnancy (despite the fact I had flu vaccine). Only real concern from my docs was dehydration. I think severe dehydration can cause preterm labour, however as you have been treated in hospital I think you will be ok. Just keep liquids up if you can (this was emphasised by my doc).

Dont think baby will have any long term affects from flu, just drink lots and rest as takes ages to get better when you are pregnant.


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