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Stabbing Pains

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Jess2087 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:10:56

I am 11+4 and started getting sharp stabbing pains in my stomach, just below my rib cage. After suffering a MC last year and having 2 scares so far this pregnancy with blood loss (once at 5 weeks and once at 10 weeks) its scaring me quite a bit. It started just after I finished eating and Im fairly confident its that causing the pain but i wondered if anyone else has had similar symptons and can shed some light?
Thank you

suspiciousofgoldfish Sun 03-Apr-16 06:39:57

I think it sounds like indigestion pains..... Try not to worry.

It's lower abdominal pains that you need to worry about, and even then, they are very common in pregnancy.

I have always been told, you'll know when there's a problem - it's the extremely severe cramping with heavy bleeding (not just spotting, also normal) that's when you need to get medial help.

It's easy for someone else to say, but really try not to worry. It's understandable that you are nervous but babies are resilient little things, especially once at the stage you are at.

Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. smile

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