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Any yogis out there

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AKP79 Sat 02-Apr-16 19:17:24

I'm looking from some advice. I have been going to a yoga class for around 8 weeks now and absolutely love it.

I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and I noticed last night that some of the positions made me feel a bit sick/uncomfortable. I wasn't in pain and nothing hurt it was just mild uncomfort that I felt.

So, is this just because things are shifting and stretching internally. I really don't want to give up yoga just yet and it's way to early to go to pregnancy yoga, so am I ok to keep going?

AKP79 Sat 02-Apr-16 19:20:15

"mild discomfort! No such word as uncomfort!!!!

Sanch1 Sat 02-Apr-16 19:26:29

There are definitely some yoga positions that arent suitable during pregnancy. You should tell your instructor asap. They will either tell you an alternative, or if they arent qualified/insured for pregnant ladies can direct you to a pregnancy yoga class.

goldenpineapple Sat 02-Apr-16 19:30:33

I'm a qualified yoga teacher, although not currently teaching. I'm also nearly 12 weeks pregnant and haven't attended any classes in my first tri, just very gentle stretches at home.

Have you told your instructor you're pregnant? If not, then you should. They will most likely tell you not to come to class until you're past the first trimester. This is why pregnancy yoga classes don't start until 13/14 weeks. There are some poses that are not recommended at all during pregnancy - for example deep twists.

FifiRebel Sat 02-Apr-16 19:32:28

I've been going to pregnancy yoga since 12 weeks, it's brilliant. Might be worth sitting out for a few weeks then switching.

AKP79 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:20:16

I'm really worried now. I did say I was pregnant and she said I was fine to go and to just take it easy.

I had a miscarriage over Christmas, so I've been trying to be really cautious this time around. Oh god, I hope I've not done anything that's going to jeopardise my baby.

Sanch1 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:23:13

I'm sure all will be fine, maybe be best to stop now you know and start up again with a pregnancy class. Very poor of the teacher to allow you to carry on.

Sophia1984 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:50:46

You won't have done anything to harm your baby - its only a tiny little thing right now and there will be lots of people doing yoga who don't even know they're pregnant at 5 weeks :-) I know it's really frustrating to have to stop yoga when it feels so calming and nice, but as others have said, most teachers prefer you to wait till after first trimester.

AKP79 Sat 02-Apr-16 20:52:00

I hadn't thought of it like that Sophie, that's definitely helped to reassure me. Xx

goldenpineapple Sat 02-Apr-16 21:19:56

Sophie's right - think of all the millions of women who have no idea they're pregnant at your stage. Sure it will all be just fine, I know everything is a worry at this stage and its a shame to not be able to do something that helps relax you. flowers

If you decide to take a break from yoga till you can go to pregnancy classes, why not try a little meditation? There are some lovely apps, including specific pregnancy ones - I think there's one called Mind the Bump I saw someone else on here recommend - great for giving you that lovely chilled out post-yoga feeling.

kiki22 Sat 02-Apr-16 21:36:15

First and foremost I am not an expert, a medical professional or a yoga teacher.

I've not stopped yoga at all however I've been going for over 2 years and do a fair bit of other exersice so that maybe why I've not had any problems. I would speak to the yoga teacher again and speak to your GP, you should be OK to keep going but I would want a personal opinion.

Eastend2015 Sat 02-Apr-16 21:45:38

As PPs have said definitely speak to the teacher. Some exercises should be avoided but can be replaced with totally safe variations. I am 29 weeks now and continued with yoga right the way through- having suffered with previous losses too I found it very beneficial for my anxiety. I now do one pregnancy yoga class, one regular ypga class and a regular body balance class every week. I think it's definitely kept any back pain at bay too. Good luck!

DougalTheCheshireCat Sun 03-Apr-16 08:38:26

Hi OP I'm a yogi with a regular practice (3-5 times a week) before I had my first child for around 15 years.

So not a teacher, but plenty of experience. I practised throughout my pregnancy, including in the first trimester. I found it really helpful for managing morning sickness.

Before i became pregnant, I was discussing the 'no practise for the first trimester' approach with my Mysore teacher. Her take is that this rule is not because yoga is a risk for miscarriage, but rather that most miscarriages, if they are going to happen, take place during the first trimester and no one (teacher, nor pregnant woman) would want to be in the position of feeling a yoga class may have triggered it, even though that is highly unlikely.

Most of my teachers were happy for me to be in their class during my first trimester. I remember one that wasn't (he was American, so perhaps came from a different culture of liability, but it clearly made him uncomfortable) so i just didn't go to his classes.

Having said that, there are some poses that it's not advisable to do during pregnancy, in particular 'closed' twists (gentle open twists are often a feature of pregnancy yoga classes, as they relax your spin which is working hard as your bump gets bigger). Basically any twist (or indeed any other pose) that you couldn't do with a larger baby bump.

Also, i think a knowledgeable and experienced teacher is vital. How experience is your teacher? Do they have children? Did they practice before / during their pregnancies? Do they have any pregnancy yoga teacher training? With a knowledgeable teacher you should be fine to carry on, but i would expect them to guide you on which poses to swap for another, or modify. It's hard as a beginner to judge how good / experienced your teacher is. Feel free to PM me with their details and the centre you are going to if you'd like to an I can give you a view.

Finally, and related to the above point, is that your body changes a lot during pregnancy, hormones, even early on can loosen things up a lot. But yoga also changes your body a lot. The combination of those two things can make you vulnerable to injury (muscle strain / misalignment) even if experienced. For example, at around 11 weeks, after a fairly strong practice, wriggled down on the sofa one evening and several vertebrae at the bottom of my spin clicked / released like i was in a osteopathic treatment. So i knew it was high time for me to pull back and take things more moderately.

I was happy to be in regular classes and make my own modifications as well as what teachers suggested, as i knew my practice well. Being a beginner, but also pregnant, will make it harder for you to understand what you are feeling and why. So I'd definitely recommend taking it gently whether in a regular or pregnancy class.

IrisPurple1 Sun 03-Apr-16 09:07:24

AKP79 I really wouldn't worry. Yoga has so many mental and physical health benefits and I can't see how it can do any harm to your baby. I actually started yoga specifically because I was pregnant and wanted to get some practice in before starting pregnancy yoga. I joined the class my mum goes to, with a very experienced instructor. I told her I was pregnant straight away and she gave me a list of positions not recommended in pregnancy. Yes, if I was feeling queasy positions where you hang your head made me feel sick, but that's because I felt sick anyway. If a position makes you uncomfortable just stop. Any risks relate to you and pulling your muscles rather than your baby. Pregnancy yoga starts later because that's when being pregnant and having a bump means you need something different. There's no point doing anything special so early in pregnancy. Like the others have said, tell your instructor, and carry on enjoying yoga smile

MrsJoJo Mon 04-Apr-16 09:31:54

Interested to see this! I'm 5 weeks and my yoga teacher suggested I swap to another class which, although not specifically pre-natal, is more suitable. I'm just getting back into yoga again and have high blood pressure with a history of pre-eclampsia so plan on following her advice if I can sort childcare for dc1.

AKP79 Mon 04-Apr-16 10:02:34

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies... I'm definitely going to have another chat with her and maybe investigate some pregnancy classes in the area and have a chat with those teachers too.

I'm so full of anxiety about this pregnancy following our missed miscarriage at Christmas, it was very drawn out and went on for a month in total. So on one hand the yoga is amazing, it makes me feel good and really helps to calm me, but on the other hand I want to make sure I'm doing what's right for me and baby.

Dougal thank you also to you for taking the time out to write that reply and offer support, really really appreciated. Thank you.

DougalTheCheshireCat Mon 04-Apr-16 16:34:11

You're welcome. Do talk to your teacher again, and consider what's been said here.

if that reassures you: great.

But if not: honour that. Wait until you are safely into your second trimester, or whenever feels right for you and start practicing yoga again.

People do all sorts of crazy things in yoga, when pregnant, and not. I know someone who carried on a Birkram (hot) yoga practice while pregnant, I wouldn't do that. I went to a pregnancy class at 10 weeks and the teacher there was horrified, wouldn't let me in, and told me I should wait until 12 weeks, so that day I went to a regular class instead!

Really a yoga practice is about honouring yourself. We can learn this in asana practice, as we listen to what our bodies tell us. But its also true of life.

What others tell you on this can be useful, but really, it doesn't matter. How you feel is what matters. And if you're worried, and reassurance doesn't put that at rest, respect your feelings.

It is also good practice for early parenthood when a hundred opinions will rain down on you on how you should be caring for your baby. But all that really matters is that you listen to yourself, and your baby.

I hear you on a physical yoga practice being calming, it is.

But if you decide to pause your physical practice until later in your pregnancy, there are other ways you can find calm. Maybe use the time instead to begin a meditation practice? Your yoga centre might have classes, or there are lots of great apps. Headstart do a really good one (not free after the first intro session, but reasonably priced, and good).


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