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10 weeks 3 days - anyone else around same gestation & what is your EDD

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1moretime Sat 02-Apr-16 13:32:48

So my last period was end of December, only found out I was pregnant on 22nd Feb after going back & forth to the docs just not feeling right. Doc estimated me to be around 8 weeks & booked a early scan.
I was only 6wk 1 day at the scan but good strong HB smile
Dates don't match up but I'm not bothered my little one Is there & doing well.
Had another scan 3 weeks later which showed baby at 9wks...should have been 9Wk 1 day goinh from prev scan, but only a day out . Anyhow I am now 10wk 3 days today & very excited about my 12 week scan on 13th April. I haven't had a due date yet as they will go by next scan.
Just wondering if anyone is around same gestation as me & you know your due date yet? Iv worked it out to be end of October.
Thank you xxx

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