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Heavy bleeding and cramps at 5.4 weeks with low and slow rising hcg - possible ectopic?

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LinzJane Fri 01-Apr-16 18:06:23


This is my first thread and I suppose I'm looking for some positive stories that have come from situations similar to mine!

My last period was due around Weds 16/03, took hpt on Fri 18/03 which was negative, but I knew I was pregnant. Tested again Weds 23/03 using clearblue digital with weeks indicator which showed pregnant 1-2 weeks. I believe I conceived around 4 or 5 March, which matches the test.

The following day (Thurs) I started spotting brown discharge which was only very light but continued until Saturday when I also noticed a couple of bright red smears when I went to the loo. I went to bed that night with a bit of a crampy tummy. When I woke on Sunday (27/03) my boobs didn't feel as sore as they had done each morning prior - I previously had stabbing pains each morning, but this day they were only slightly tender. I went to the loo first thing and I passed a LOT of blood and some fairly sizeable clots. Tummy was still a bit crampy at this point but not painful, but my partner took me to A&E (where we sat for over 5 hours!!). The bleeding got worse, as did the cramps which ended up being like my usual menstrual cramps. I was obviously devastated, and inconsolable throughout the whole experience as I knew I was miscarrying. Urine tests came back positive and bloods showed hcg at 52, which I am advised is quite low for 5.4 weeks which I believed to be at that time.

I was referred to the Bleeding in early pregnancy clinic (without very much info from the A&E consultant) and was told to call them on Tuesday 29/03 following the Easter bank holiday. They invited me in the same day for repeat bloods, which I was expecting to have decreased and for them to confirm a miscarriage, which I had already resigned myself to. However, my bloods came back at bhcg 83, which was an increase but not doubled as would be expected so further tests required. This obviously totally messed with my head and I've been in limbo ever since.

Out of curiosity I took a second hpt (another clear blue with weeks indicator), exactly one week after my first positive (30/03) and the result was still positive and had also moved up to 2-3 weeks.

I had my 3rd bloods taken 31/03, for which I got results this morning. They have risen again, but not by much at all, they are only 89. So the expected increase isn't there, and the levels are also not in the bracket for 6. 2 weeks which is what I would be now, so is extremely low.

I haven't even had my first docs appointment yet since finding out I was pregnant as they couldn't fit me in till next week and I don't seem to be getting much information from the nurses at the clinic, only that I need to have at least one more bloods test before they can tell what's happening!! I'm going in tomorrow for the 4th test - my poor arms are bruised to death. They haven't even asked me how my symptoms ie bleeding and cramps are now! Which by the way have stopped -heavy bleeding lasted 2 days and gradually got less each day, yesterday was only spots and today is my first day without anything at all.

I'm so confused, frustrated and worried and I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this with a positive outcome?

From what I've read so far, I think I could possibly have an ectopic pregnancy or maybe some tissue still left from the miscarriage 😣 but hospital won't do a scan ad my hcg levels are too low.

Any advice/stories that may help would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies for the essay and thanks very much if you have managed to read this without nodding off!


OwlinaTree Fri 01-Apr-16 20:06:34

Sounds like a really tough time, I'm so sorry. I don't have any experience but wanted to say I'm thinking of you

FifiRebel Fri 01-Apr-16 20:44:53

Did you get seen by a gynaecologist when you went to A&E? I had pains in my lower back in first few weeks of pregnancy and they transferred me from one A&E to another with gynae consultant. She did some internal checks to satisfy herself that it was unlikely to be an ectopic. I went to EPU about three days later for scan. So hopefully they would have been quite thorough if they had suspected ectopic?

LinzJane Fri 01-Apr-16 21:08:37

Thanks for your reply. No, didn't see gynae consultant in A&E and the consultant I saw didn't seem too worried about all of the bleeding and cramps and didn't really have much else to say. I was just referred straight to EPU where I have dealt with nurses re bloods/hcg levels, who will not commit to giving any advice either way until they have done more bloods confused. Nobody I have seen so far has mentioned anything about possible outcomes - I only know what I have read about online. I really don't know what to think or do! I know the low hcg and slow rise isn't good, so trying not to get my hopes up, but this waiting is painful.

LinzJane Tue 05-Apr-16 14:01:41

Just incase anybody reads this and wonders what the outcome was, I've had confirmation from the hospital that my HCG has now dropped after rising to 382 and that I should expect to start bleeding again soon. Just got to monitor my hormones to make sure they continue to decrease and have my fingers crossed that it does all happen naturally and no need for any intervention.

LinzJane Fri 08-Apr-16 11:12:20

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post a further update on this thread as things have changed slightly over the last couple of days!! I'm not sure I will be back for a while so I wanted to make sure that anyone else ever in a similar situation knows my full story.

On the day I had my results which showed the drop in HCG, the early pregnancy clinic initially didn't want me to come back for more bloods for another week as they thought it was a misscarriage and they just needed to check that the hormones had gone down. However, in the same conversation they also said that they had not totally ruled out an ectopic pregnancy...I obviously questioned this as I couldn't understand why they would leave a patient for a week without looking into whether it was ectopic! Only based on my insistence did they agree for me to come in for more tests to continue to monitor every 48 hours to make sure it was not ectopic... and I dread to think what may have happened if I didn't question the advice.

My next bloods then came back with a slight rise in HCG which is classic ectopic!! so I was brought in for a transvaginal scan the same day. They then identified that my womb was completely empty (which I assume was from my initial bleed that brought me to A&E in the first place) and that the pregnancy was in fact growing in my fallopian tube. There was also bleeding around the pregnancy and the surgeon was concerned that my tube would rupture any minute!! I was rushed in for emergency surgery yesterday (bumped up to the top of the queue even with the doctors strike on as it was that critical) to have the pregnancy and my left tube removed!

I am just so glad that I did not take the nurses word and left it a week before returning for bloods as I could have lost my life in that time. The nurses in the clinic tried to argue that I was not 7 weeks pregnant (which I was at the time this happened) as my hormones were too low for that amount of weeks...but i know exactly when i concieved and surely this issue with low hormones should have highlighted this problem?!! I'm so annoyed with how this was dealt with, and I suppose what I'm trying to say ladies is stick with your gut, if you feel something isn't right please speak up!!

This could have turned out so differently for me if I hadn't spoken up. Good luck with all your pregnancies and best wishes to everyone.

I'm sure I will be back one day, but not too soon. Got a bit of recovering to do first!

Linzi xxxx

laughingGnomette Fri 08-Apr-16 19:04:46

Oh Linzi, I'm so sorry to hear this. I wanted to reply to your first message but you said that you wanted positive stories and I didn't have one to share or to worry you. Good on you for going with your gut. Your symptoms sounded exactly like mine when I had my EP in June. GP didn't take it seriously and said that the pains I had felt were too high up for it to be ectopic but luckily sent me to the EPU for a scan to make sure. I ended up having emergency surgery to remove my left tube too.
I just wanted to say that I conceived two months later with a normal pregnancy and I'm due in two months.
If you want any further advice do visit the ETP website:

Best wishes for the future xx

LinzJane Fri 08-Apr-16 22:27:30

Thanks laughingGnomette for sharing your story! That's really positive to know that you can still concieve successfully and so soon afterwards - congratulations grin

I'm told that everything else is healthy so I should hopefully be OK to concieve in the future.

Thanks for the ETP website too, that's really helpful.

I realise now that I actually needed realistic stories as opposed to just positive ones in order to fully appreciate what the possible outcomes to my situation could have been. This is the reason I wanted to share my full story incase anyone else is looking for similar advice xxx

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