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Anyone due this month (April). started mat leave and not sure what to make of it!

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Worthington35 Fri 01-Apr-16 10:01:22

Hi all! Brand new to mums net. First baby due next week and am very excited but same time finding early Mat leave a challenge. Turns out I can't bake and have zero nesting instinct!

Wondered if anyone else due soon and finding it all new and daunting! confused

lozengeoflove Fri 01-Apr-16 13:31:37

Hi worthington I'm also due this month. Started maternity leave last week and finding it daunting for different reasons, mainly the sheer exhaustion of looking after a toddler full time now. Work was so much easier!

If I could I would spend my days sleeping. No such luck. When are you due?

owl89 Fri 01-Apr-16 14:14:38


I am due my first baby on the 7th. I also haven't got any nesting instinct haha. I'm actually quite bored waiting for him to come along!

Welshcake77 Fri 01-Apr-16 14:34:07

I'm due at the end of the month and have been on mat leave for 3 weeks already grin
This is my second baby and I have so far been sorting out newborn stuff from DD1, spending lots on online shopping and sleeping. I am so much more tired this time.

And I'm trying not to think about how I'll cope with two kids!

Do you all know what you are having?

lozengeoflove Fri 01-Apr-16 15:41:10

welshcake what's your secret? How on earth do you manage to sleep with a dc in tow?

Welshcake77 Fri 01-Apr-16 15:47:20

DD1 is in kindergarten blush I live in Germany and in my town kindergarten is free from the age of 3 so she can stay there while I'm off. Very very lucky with this I know!

Worthington35 Fri 01-Apr-16 15:47:48

Glad not just me! I'm due on 9th April. Wouldn't mind it coming early. I used to day dream about being off work but now I'm here.... Should we be resting and taking it easy I.e. Can I legitimately lie on sofa and eat chocolate? smile

Welshcake77 Fri 01-Apr-16 15:48:31

oops, wasn't quite finished!

I really feel for you with a toddler at home full time, they are hard work

Welshcake77 Fri 01-Apr-16 15:51:03

worthington yes, absolutely legit to do just that!

also, have a bath in the middle of the day, sit in a cafe with cake and a book, go to the library, to the cinema...all the things that become a little bit more difficult (but not impossible!) with a newborn

lozengeoflove Fri 01-Apr-16 17:41:15

Yes, in fact I'd say it's a compulsory part of maternity leave wothrington grin

welshcake I am so jealous. Enjoy!

Worthington35 Fri 01-Apr-16 22:08:08

Ooohh may go to cinema during the day on my day and go eat cake! Make the most of it I guess cakesmile

almmummy Sat 02-Apr-16 07:35:07

Due April 10 with baby number two. Enjoying mat leave more than I thought, although I still have a toddler to look after. I popped her in with the childminder a couple of days and it was bliss having a lazy lunch out and actually getting jobs done! I really want to go to a day spa nearby to lounge around for a few hours but the timings aren't tying in with childcare hours (grrr).

Feel less ready for this baby to come but I think it is mainly fear of juggling two and going back to broken nights...

Worthington35 Wed 13-Apr-16 20:27:25

Any baby news??

Had a sweep on Monday and lost my plug today. Come on baby. Just want to meet you! smile

Welshcake77 Wed 13-Apr-16 21:11:28

Sounds good worthington! Hope things start moving for you now.

Nothing happening here although I'm having lots of cramps, BH and general discomfort and pain in my pelvis and down below. I ha a horrible sinus infection last week and am still feeling quite wiped out from that so hoping to get a bit more energy back the next few days!
Any news from anyone else?

lozengeoflove Thu 14-Apr-16 05:40:40

Fingers crossed worthington. Let us know how you feeling today.

It is possible that I might have started contractions, but then again it could be a false alarm. Toddler was at the CM's yesterday, and after wasting an hour in SE London traffic trying to track down a closed Hoover repair shop, I had a wonderful day. Two hour afternoon nap was the highlight for me. Oh and eating about a kilo of chocolate and catching up on TV while bouncing on an exercise ball. Baby is in the LOP position so trying to do some shifting.

lozengeoflove Thu 14-Apr-16 05:41:41

*how you are feeling blush

Worthington35 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:27:36

Oh that doesn't sound fun @lozengeoaflove ! How's you today?
Loving the bouncy ball and chocolate eating!
Was quietly hoping for some contractions overnight but nothing.

Ah well. smile

tappitytaptap Thu 14-Apr-16 10:15:58

I found it hard to relax in the 2 weeks before DS was born too, had to make lots of plans with friends, haircuts etc to keep myself busy and couldn't lie in for the life of me! Now he is 17 days old and we've been home from hospital almost a week (he was in special care for a bit( am finding it a lot easier to relax as I'm so tired, even though for a newborn he is a pretty decent sleeper really. Good luck with everything and I hope you don't go overdue smile

lozengeoflove Thu 14-Apr-16 13:04:08

Pains were quite bad for Agee hours, but all seems to have stopped now. Getting so fed up - just want to get the labour over and done with now. Come on baby!

Any news from anyone?

lozengeoflove Thu 14-Apr-16 13:04:52

*a few. Stupid phone.

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