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Dull ache 15 weeks?

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dylsmimi Fri 01-Apr-16 07:55:19

I'm 15 almost 16 weeks pregnant with dc3 and yesterday started with a dull ache above my belly button. It's not cramps or pain just niggly.
I'm seeing the midwife on Monday anyway and will mention it then
Could it just be a stretching sort of pain?
It's the Easter holidays so I am out and about more than usual but don't remember specifically pulling my stomach
Any ideas? Reassurance?

HolaWeenie Fri 01-Apr-16 08:01:08

I think it is stretching, I remember around the same time I had that pain and after furiously googling that's the conclusion I came to. When I was pregnant with number two (last year) and 15/16wks came along I recognised that pain again.

dylsmimi Fri 01-Apr-16 08:39:46

Thanks - I seem to have forgotten it from before but it doesn't feel a 'worrying' sort of pain just an ache iykwim
I'm showing bigger much earlier so can't be much to stretch!! grin

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