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hot feet and restless legs?

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mscherryviolet Fri 01-Apr-16 00:22:48

Omg it's so late and I am sick to death of having hot feet and restless legs and not being able to sleep! Anyone else suffering with this? I'm 39+2 and I can no longer continue. I'm at the point where I am crying on the couch because I'm so uncomfortable. I've tried wet socks, cold dunks in the bath, even standing outside on the cold path. sadsad

gaggiagirl Fri 01-Apr-16 00:24:48

Same here. My feet are on fire!!!! Of course the previous 3 nights they have been so cold I have almost vomited 😐

mscherryviolet Fri 01-Apr-16 01:06:09

I'm glad I'm not the only one, but what I wouldn't give to have cold feet again! I used to always have freezing feet no matter what! I miss them! Lol

loosechange Fri 01-Apr-16 02:26:27

Have you tried Paracetamol? A friend suggested it to me and it worked quite well. She suggested them and journalists before bed, but if you are still awake go for it now.
I hate restless legs, you have my sympathy.

loosechange Fri 01-Apr-16 02:27:31

Predictive text has been drinking. She suggested it an hour before bed. Lord only knows where the journalist came from.

mscherryviolet Fri 01-Apr-16 03:37:32

Haha journalists made me smile smile I unfortunately am still awake and don't have any in the house.... I also now have the lovely indigestion joining me and my restless legs lol. Roll on eviction day! Lol

socktastic Fri 01-Apr-16 09:04:28

Try putting one of those wheat heat packs in the fridge or freezer and putting it on your feet at bed time. I feel your pain though, it's awful. Lost found of how many times I've kicked dh!

Sardi28 Fri 01-Apr-16 21:05:52

Restless legs are driving me insane!!
I'm 31+1 and have been getting them nearly every night the past few weeks and also had them at the beginning.

misscherryviolet I really feel your pain, it's a horrible feeling when you just want to get to sleep. I asked my midwife the other day and she suggested a hot bath before bed and eating iron rich foods.

mscherryviolet Sat 02-Apr-16 00:41:21

Sardi I have just had a hot bath so I'm gonna go to bed now and try it. I hope it works because I've a pregnancy pinup shoot tomorrow and I need some rest! I'll let you know if it works ! Fingers crossed you also manage to get some relief too smile

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