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34 weeks pregnant - tired and irritable!

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rainbowontheway Thu 31-Mar-16 19:50:14

Anyone else? I need a moan and feel so guilty as this pregnancy is so precious after infertility and miscarriage issues, as is my IVF 3.5 yr old. I'm on medication for silent reflux and have the worst sore throat all the time even so. Having to repeat myself a million times a day to my son is so wearing (pick your toys up pls, get dressed pls, put your coat on pls.... Repeat as nauseum!) and the throat is also disrupting my sleep. Bending over / down a million times a day to pick up after him (he's creates a whirlwind of mess behind him all the time) is also driving me potty and exhausting me. I'm so uncomfortable. I've also been badly constipated for a few days now and just feel so irritable!! And I'm trying so hard to enjoy and make the most of these final weeks as a mum of one, to spend special times with my son. Yet I'm drained!

Sgoinneal Thu 31-Mar-16 20:30:59

Yep, I'll join. I feel the same.

32 weeks and feeling all kinds of rotten, this is also a rainbow baby and I loved being pregnant with my DS so the guilt at not just LOVING every moment is immense.

I know that I will feel so sad that I'll never be pregnant again (after not thinking we would be able to have any, being lucky enough to have two is amazing enough. But I can't help but moaning about the lack of sleep and generally feeling rough (because I really really do!)

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