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Spotting 15w

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HP07 Thu 31-Mar-16 09:29:40

Hi everyone,

I'm feeling very stressed out because I am spotting yet again. This is the 4th time in this pregnancy that I have spotted red/pink blood and most of the first trimester I was also spotting brown blood. I have had 3 scans already and everything seems to be progressing as expected. In the last week I've been to the midwife twice and she has checked for baby's heartbeat and everything seems OK. She said it may be my cervix bleeding, I do have a history of cervical erosion so it's a likely conclusion. It's just making me feel very worried all the time. I wish I could feel baby moving already as that would give me some reassurance. I also have a 2 year history of infertility prior to this pregnancy, being told that I have an extremely low ovarian reserve so this baby is so precious as there is a possibility I won't be able to go on to have any more children. I am also on the prism trial because I was spotting in the first trimester. Anyone got any input? Thanks

socktastic Thu 31-Mar-16 10:41:50

I spotted a few times too. Last was at 18 weeks and they checked me out up at maternity assessment. I had a graze on my cervix which was bleeding.
The midwife did assure me that the cervix and vagina are much more sensitive during pregnancy with a much larger network of close to the surface blood vessels which may rupture more easily. If you've dtd recently then that may also cause bleeding.
If you're at all concerned however, phone your midwives. They would always rather you get any problems checked over.

HP07 Thu 31-Mar-16 10:55:44

Thanks. I had already phoned the midwife and was waiting for a call back when I posted. I have an appointment shortly. I am also rhesus negative which isn't too helpful. Another shot of anti d for me. Just feeling anxious again and just when I was starting to relax...a tiny bit.

JulieBolton79 Fri 01-Apr-16 09:26:49

I've had intermittent spotting since 14w and I'm now 30w. At first I was terrified of mc but like you I was checked and no issues were flagged. It's such a stressful time to experience it as foetal movement hadn't started so I bought a Doppler off Amazon after my mw refused to check HB at 16wk apt. It arrived and I found a strong HB within 5 mins. I immediately felt better and used it after each episode of spotting. As soon as I felt movement I stopped using it as I would listen to what my body was telling me. There's lots of opinions about dopplers but my view was that nobody was willing to reassure me as baby wasn't 'viable' (I hate that word). I could of self referred to the hospital but the first thing they do is check for HB and if they find it they send you on your way. My MW and doc said it was probably my cervix which was causing the bleeding as it's very vascular during pg. it also could be polyps which are known to cause bleeding and are often more common in pg due to increased estrogen levels. They are harmless to baby too. I can't say I'm relaxed now but I'm coping better with the spotting as its brief and light and never painful. My MW said if anything changes go to triage. Good luck smile

HP07 Fri 01-Apr-16 09:52:50

Thanks Julie. That's very sad that no one would reassure you. My midwife has been amazing so far and checked with the doppler everytime I've been in. She also sent me for an extra scan in early pregnancy to check everything was going ok. I thought that was part of the reason they did the job? To support the mum. Best of luck to you

JulieBolton79 Fri 01-Apr-16 13:15:29

I've seen 3 different midwives throughout pg but thankfully have the same one now who's really nice. I was do frustrated at the time being past from pillar to post but thankfully my stress levels are better now. You have a great MW which is so important.

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