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31 + 4, in hospital, early labour?!

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LadybirdSpots Wed 30-Mar-16 21:36:10

Just posting really to see if anyone else had a similar experience? And trying to keep myself sane as I'm dying of boredom!

I was feeling very uncomfortable all morning today, tried eating lunch and bought it back up straight away. At about 2pm I started getting horrible pains low down in my pelvis. Lasting for about 2 minutes each time and about 3 minutes apart. I was also very dizzy, faint and felt awful.

Rung the hospital who told me to come in. Had a trace done, cervix checked, swabs and bloods taken.

Pain was horrendous and on and off for a good couple of hours. There was no definite evidence to say I was in labour, although the midwife said I was "breathing through the pain like I was in labour" ?! But basically they aren't sure!

It all calmed down for about 45 minutes, they did a 2nd trace and then the pains came back, so they've kept me in over night. They've given me a steroid injection to mature the babies lungs, in case he is on his way.

I've had nothing expect a ginormous head ache now for about 2 hours. I'm desperately praying that it's not labour, but I want to know what the pain was!

Has anyone else had anything similar? Did it turn into full blown labour or did it all just disappear leaving no explanation?!

Reebok Wed 30-Mar-16 23:22:44

I've literally experienced the same a few weeks ago at 33 weeks and once again last weekend at 35 weeks. The doctors had no idea what's wrong and why I'm
Having labour pains. Been put in bed rest which is hard when you have a toddler to deal with. Still having daily contractions every hour but not as close together as they were. I'm almost 36 weeks so baby should be fine if she arrives early now. Thoughts are with you. If you are discharged literally do nothing if you can. I've been staying with my mum for support. Sucks as I feel like a burden but not a lot I can do.

RueDeWakening Wed 30-Mar-16 23:29:05

My waters broke at 31+3, DS1 was delivered by emergency CS the following day. Initially the plan was to stop me labouring and leave him to cook a bit longer (10 days or so was the ideal). But they scanned me to check he was OK, and he'd turned to present feet first so they had to whip him out - I was under instructions to alert the midwives if I felt ANY contraction at all.

I was given one dose of steroids, DS spent 5 weeks on NICU before coming home. He's now a pain in the bum lively 6 year old grin

LadybirdSpots Thu 31-Mar-16 06:52:09

Oh gosh 2 completely different stories then, thank you!

Reebok I literally don't know how you've coped with it for so long! Obviously j don't want him to be early, but I really dont want to go through stop/start labour for the next 9 weeks!

The pains have stopped over night, so I'm hoping that means he's decided to stay put, and that I can be set free asap!

RuedE poor you, that sounds so scary, and quick! I had an EMCS with DS, but at 40+3, and I desperately don't want another C Section! Glad all went well and that's he's happy and healthy now.

Annabrooke90 Thu 31-Mar-16 07:39:44

Pains like this for me started at 29 weeks properly and a few times they happened before that remember being in London at 24 weeks in absolute agony. But from 29weeks I was getting pains quite alot more often and regular, was also losing bits of my bloody show and had the famous "clear out" just about everyday from 30 weeks. This got worse as the weeks went on, at 33 weeks I went to the hospital as I was bleeding quite abit more the pains were awful. They did a trace saw I was contracting very regular but due to a swas showing negative for things detected when your about to give birth in the following 2 weeks I got sent home. The next day (Thursday) i went to my routine midwife appointment and she wasn't happy at all she sent me straight back up. Where they gave me the steriod shot and then again on the Friday. My little boy was born the next day at lunch time at 34 weeks. So in my case pains did turn out to be early labour but it lasted long enough to get me to a decent gestation. He was a good weight 5ib15.5oz and he only had 8 days in scbu.

On the opposite side of things though I also had the same with my first son although it didn't prolong. I went into hospital at 31 weeks contracting, that time they didn't hesitate to give me steriods. And it kind of ended up stopping after a few days of discomfort and I ended up induced with him at almost 42 weeks lol.

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