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Please can you share your osteopathy experiences for spd/pgp?

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sambababy Wed 30-Mar-16 19:41:07

I'm 28 weeks pregnant with DC2 and really struggling with spd, much worse than I had in my first pregnancy. After seeing so many people in mumsnet recommend seeing an osteopath, today I went and it was SO WEIRD!! I don't know much about osteopathy so I'm not sure what I was expecting but I'd love to hear your experiences. What did the osteopath actually do? Did you feel an improvement straight away?

Dellabob123 Wed 30-Mar-16 21:00:59

I was in exactly the same boat. Much worse and much sooner this time around. I actually decided to go to a chiropractor who specialised in spd and what a miracle. First session was consultation, then assess what was happening, what was twisted and out of alignment. Then she did some wonderful stretching, spine cracking stuff, and the neck!. She aligned my hips using wedges underneath me and doing some strengthening exercises. I didn't have to do anything as such, she told me when to push or squeeze against her. Then the weird but was she hAd this tool which was like a mechanical woodpecker. She used it along my pubis, hips and all around my pelvis.

I was walking on air when I left not quite believing that if could be fixed. 3 sessions later and I didn't need to go back. I'm now 39 weeks and not suffered since. Well worth it if you get the right practitioner.

What happened with your session? Do you feel the benefit?

suspiciousofgoldfish Wed 30-Mar-16 21:15:38

My experience has been pretty much the same as Dellabobs, except without the woodpecker on my bits(!)
Will make sure I get that next time.

Generally speaking, if you didn't feel any immediate release or improvement, perhaps try another practitioner.

I see a brilliant guy and always feel immediately better, whether I've been pg or not.

dats Thu 31-Mar-16 01:10:08

Ooh I've got my first appt tomor! I'm 24w with DC2 and saw a chiro for PGP in first pregnancy and it did help a bit but not loads. So this time I'm trying an osteopath. Very curious as to OP's experience..! I'll try and report back tomor, too!

sambababy Thu 31-Mar-16 12:04:03

I think that's the problem, finding someone who really knows about pgp. I called a few places and asked if they had osteopaths experienced with pgp in pregnancy and of course they all said yes in a roundabout way.

My experience was something like this. I lay on my back on the bed and he went and sat by my feet with his hands lightly touching them. He asked me to be still and then stayed like that, kind of heavy breathing, for quite a while. I opened my eyes again at one point and he was just staring over my head. Then he put his hands under my lower back and hips and sat like that for a while, occasionally moved his fingers and there was the odd light pressing. And he squeezed my head. Erm that's pretty much it. Repeated a couple of times. He didn't even ask that many questions beforehand. It was supposed to be an hour for the first session and I was out in 30mins.

All very odd I thought! It's put me off trying another practitioner because this cost me £55 and I feel no better, surprisingly hmm But I still have maybe 3 months to go and it's really getting me down not being able to do anything.

dats Fri 01-Apr-16 00:41:11

Oh dear, I did chuckle a bit at 'And he squeezed my head', I'm afraid! grin

So my appt went well, I think. I do feel a little more mobile than I did. It consisted of some similar things to yours in that there was some sitting very still and quiet for a bit - but I also had some proper manipulation of my legs, quite firm rotations of my hip/thigh joint which felt good and seemed to be addressing a lot of the tightness I've been having. So hard to fully relax when someone is supporting a limb - your instinct to support it yourself so I had to really concentrate! She's also taped me up like an athlete, under my bump and on my back which looks hilarious. Will see how I am tomor, have another appt next week. I did check before I made the appt if any of the practitioners were clued up on PGP, too. So I wouldn't give up on the idea just yet - maybe try a different one??

suspiciousofgoldfish Fri 01-Apr-16 04:47:27

Sambababy yours sounds totally crap, sorry!

Don't go there again.

The person you saw was either a terrible osteo or not comfortable treating someone who is pregnant.

If you can get a word of mouth recommendation for the next one that's probably the best thing.

They should give you a thorough consultation when you arrive, and then pretty much get straight to work massaging, manipulating, woodpeckering, taping, poking you with needles, whatever.

You shouldn't spend half the season being lightly touched at breathed at - I think that's called Reiki wink

Sorry you paid so much for this. It's a shame as treatment like this, like finding a great massage therapist, is a bit hit and miss.

Loraline Fri 01-Apr-16 05:24:20

Sounds like you saw someone who deals in cranial osteopathy rather than structural osteopathy. Cranial is all a bit 'letting of hands'. Structural is quite like physio.

I was seeing a great osteopath before ibs pregnant and she really helped with lower back issues but I switched to her colleague when I got pgp in this pregnancy (2nd one too). She's more experienced in maternal issues and has been amazing.

All the practices will tell you they look after pregnant women but check out their profiles on the practise website or Google them. I discounted anyone who didn't specifically mention maternal healthcare as an interest or experience in their profile.

Nimportequoi Fri 01-Apr-16 08:01:15

Osteopathy is great but what really helped me was the Physiomat belt (sold [ here for instance]. When I hurt, I just put it on and get instant relief. I could not walk with DS1, now with DS2 I haven't even needed to go to the osteopath yet. The idea is to give pelvic support. To me it feels like it pulls my hips back together iykwim. I have no idea why it's not mentioned more on spd threads.

waxweasel Fri 01-Apr-16 11:20:55

Yes it sounds like you saw a cranial osteopath, not a structural osteopath. maybe just try again and say specifically you are looking for someone who uses manipulation?

dats Fri 01-Apr-16 11:34:37

I've got a belt. It helped the first time round, but this time just doesn't seem to be doing anything and I'm finding it really uncomfortable. I have considered buying a Serola one, as that seems to be popular but I'll give the osteo a bit longer and see if I get some relief, I think. Mine seems really clued up on PGP. She wasn't familiar with the mechanical woodpecker, though - that's what my chiro used last time, I love that description!

waxweasel Fri 01-Apr-16 11:45:12

I have a serola belt and it does help when the pain is particularly bad and it feels sort of like my pelvis has all dislocated out of place IYSWIM.

Loraline Fri 01-Apr-16 12:37:48

Oh yes a belt. I have one too and it's really helped

Totalshambles Fri 01-Apr-16 13:07:04

I had phsyio twice first time around and it made no difference. Nor did the weird pelvic girdle (like a tubigrip for hips). Second time around I tried cranial osteopathy which did help a bit tho second time around the pain was worse and baby was bigger. Unfortunately I don't think there is much you can do. Nice warm baths and slow dressing. Try to avoid much walking and definitely hills! It's nasty, I am sorry for you.
Also I had expected it to disappear immediately after the birth. First time around it was worse (had been aggravated during pushing stage which was prolonged) and second time it faded faster but still lasted a good while. I don't want to be negative but you should manage your expectations so you aren't expecting it to just vanish. But it doesn't last forever and you will forget how horrid it was when you look back.

Also do make sure your midwives know especially when you turn up in labour. I should have been more clear and then they would have helped me to avoid making it worse!!

Quodlibet Fri 01-Apr-16 21:08:46

Anyone here had a good spd specialist osteo/chiro in London that they could recommend?

Fourormore Fri 01-Apr-16 21:11:13

Hector Wells, every time. Takes me 2 hours to get there, worth every minute!

sambababy Sat 02-Apr-16 06:58:37

I have a support belt, albeit a fairly rubbish looking one lent to me by a physio, but it doesn't seem to help and I've heard from other people that they can make your muscles lazy? I don't know. I also read good things about the serola belt though, I was tempted to try it.

Perhaps he was a cranial osteopath!? But he didn't. Spend much time around my head either. I think he was definitely wary because I was pregnant. I think I'll have to try another practitioner and hope it helps. I'm really glad it has been helping some of you! I'm under no illusions I will be 100% better but just a small improvement would be so welcome.

Btw if anyone has seen an osteopath/chiropractor/physio that has really helped them with pgp, it's worth emailing their details to the pelvic partnership Once 2 different patients recommend a practitioner, they will appear on their list which has surely got to help other ladies in our position searching for help.

gastropod Sat 02-Apr-16 07:18:09

I had awful SPD pain that was almost completely cured by the osteopath. He realigned my lower back and also worked on various ligaments and tendons. Very hands-on, gentle movement and a bit of "cracking" of vertebra. Nothing painful. It took about three sessions until the pain was gone.

I've been to a good few osteopaths and they often start by gently laying hands on spine, nape of neck, etc. (to feel where the misalignments are, I suppose).

Also, not all osteopaths go in for the cracking/popping movements. Some work with very gentle micro-movements to realign things. But you should feel a significant difference after a session - not necessarily instant pain relief but certainly a change i(sometimes it hurts more after you've seen an osteo, as your muscles often stay cramped/painful for a couple of days even after the underlying cause has been resolved).

Anyway, there's plenty of good osteopaths out there so I agree that you'd be best finding a new one!

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Sat 02-Apr-16 09:58:19

I have been suffering a little with SPD which suddenly flared up this week and left me more or less unable to walk (am 35 weeks) - I saw an osteopath the same day and again 2 days later, and I am much much better.
I am 100% certain that what you had was craniosacral therapy - this doesn't necessarily mean touching your head, it relates to the flow of the fluid in the spinal column which they consider has an impact all the way from feet to head - can be very very relaxing and helpful for lots of things, but it doesn't sound like what you wanted or needed right now! I know many great osteopaths on London who could help but assuming this won't be of use to you (as I know the whole world doesn't live here!!)?

sambababy Sat 02-Apr-16 12:04:26

I'm in south Croydon, Surrey at the moment so London wouldn't usually be too far for me, but in my current state the journey would finish me off. I'm going to make some more calls this week and see if I find anything else to try.

Hope everyone else suffering continues to find relief in some way x

waxweasel Sat 02-Apr-16 16:33:34

Oh I'm in Beckenham and would happily recommend my osteo if that isn't too far for you? PM me x

ruby242 Sat 02-Apr-16 18:45:54

I tried an osteopath when I had pgp but it didn't help. Out of desperation I then tried a chiropractor and at the first visit I felt a difference when I stood up and it only continued to get better. It literally changed my pregnancy. I think it shows it's really important to find someone who specialises in pregnancy-related issues. I am near Cambridge if anyone needs a recommendation

sambababy Sun 03-Apr-16 11:51:47

Thank you waxweasel, I'm without a car so I'm not sure about beckenham but I'll definitely think about it. Sounds like a recommendation makes all the difference x

Americanhoney Sun 03-Apr-16 22:16:05

Hi, I'm experiencing SPD symptoms, again. It seems from this thread that Osteopaths are the way to go; if anyone has a recommendation for an Osteo in north/north west or central London, please can you PM me or post details? Many thanks

makingmiracles Mon 04-Apr-16 07:10:56

Never seen an osteopath but have had amazing success with chiropractors...
Seen a chiropractor for my last 3pregnancies after having spd so bad with dc1 I could barely function at the end. With the first twinges of pain I've booked in with the chiro and only ever needed a couple of sessions per pregnancy. Mostly found the spd and pgp resulting from misaligned pelvis/lower back which the chiropractor has rectified each time with gentle pushing and pulling excercises.
If you've never tried a chiro before I urge you to as it saved me months of pain and suffering.

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