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10 weeks today, promethazine MS

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1moretime Wed 30-Mar-16 14:10:14

Hello lovelies.

I posted a good few weeks ago as I was suffering with bad sickness! After alot of support & help on here & the hypermesis thread I ended up at doctors on call a few weeks ago & was prescribed promethazine HCL as I had Ketones in my urine and was on the verge of dehydrating. Anyhow I visted my own GP 2 weeks ago for other reasons & she scared me a bit saying this medication isn't 100 percent safe in pregnancy. Iv been on edge thinking I may be causing my baby harm. I tried 2 days last week without them and suffered really bad afterwards.
I take 2 tablets a day 10mcg - my sickness gets worse in the evenings. Can anyone recommend the times I should take them?? I take one in morning after breakfast them 1 after dinner.
What dose are/were you on? When did you find was best to take them?
I am still sick everyday but only once or twice instead of 7-8times. Did your sickness stop altogether on promethazine?

Thank you

lokahsamastah Wed 30-Mar-16 14:35:34

I take promethazine in combination with ondansetron and prochlorperazine. Best combo for me is to take the promethazine on its own at bedtime, the others in the day. Promethazine without the other two did nothing - similarly the other two are less effective when I don't take the promethazine!
You have to go with what's best for your body. No medication is ever guaranteed to be 100% safe but as my GP said, the benefits (ie not dehydrated or malnourished) far outweigh the risk in these circumstances. The Pregnancy Sickness Support website has lots of stats about antiemetics. FWIW I had to take the same combination when pregnant with my DD, and she is currently bouncing on her trampoline, so I reckon she turned out ok!

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