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Any Stage Management mums or mums to be out there?

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rhodes15 Wed 30-Mar-16 09:15:13

I'm just wondering how long you continued working for? I'm 27wks and in production week and after two long days already struggling. Dreading the actual shows. Does anyone have any tips for show survival or is it just that I need to man up?

Colabottle10 Wed 30-Mar-16 13:20:22

Slightly different, but I acted in a touring production lasting 3 months during weeks 6-18 of pregnancy (and I have suffered from severe MS, on the verge of HG - am on medication still at 20w). My strategies for survival:

1. Have a basket in the wings with plenty of snacks that were quiet to eat. In the early stages I was still trying crackers/ginger etc, so had lots of that.
2. A mini fan - you know how hot it gets, nothing worse than feeling sick and hot at the same time.
3. Sit down whenever you can.
4. Sleep during the day. Even if you can't sleep, set aside a couple of hours to just lie down and rest -- try the headspace mindfulness app, it has a pregnancy pack which I've found really useful.

No 'manning up' required. I found that the getting ready was the worst - once the show started I was OK - running on adrenaline I guess. No milling around afterwards, I didn't do any parties or drinks aftershow, straight home to chuck up and then bed.

rhodes15 Wed 30-Mar-16 14:40:24

Ah thanks for replying. il have a look at the mindfulness app. It's the tiredness that's getting me. That and the more tired I am the heavier my bump feels. Sometimes it's impossible to find a minute to sit down. Perhaps it will be better when it's just shows as will be able to sit when there are no cues.

photographerlady Thu 31-Mar-16 15:08:24

I just finished a week long show at 26 weeks and it was interesting. Live days were fine but rig and packdown I struggled. Not that I did anything too physical it was mainly that I was on my feet directing contractors and signing for kit that was being delivered. I avoided all truss rigging and lifting. My last show is in May and then I think I am done (can't do the June gig as its past 36 weeks and airline wont let me fly). The long hours in my opinion were fine as I am a producer and mainly sitting on my bum. I walked around in between and snacked mainly on fruit and bottled water.

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