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I want another baby

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Scottishlass Tue 25-May-04 22:58:39

I dont know why im writing this, guess i cant talk about it to dh.
I have a baby, she has just turned one and i have loved every minute of being a mother. have found it hard but i have enjoyed getting through those hard times and now reap the rewards from my beautiful and affectionate little girl. I though I was pregnant last week and was really excited but my dh was so worried and said it would be awful which hurt. Our financial situation is not very good right now so I know it would not be a good time. My period came, dh was delighted and I was sad. I keep thinking about babies and when I see someone breastfeed i wish i had a little one to feed, I loved breast feeding. I was quite depressed when I stopped. I keep thinking about what my next baby will look like and if it will be a boy or girl etc... by the way i am very happy with my dd but want more!!!!!!
Am i going mad????

islandgirl Tue 25-May-04 23:07:46

sorry you are feeling so low. I also loved the baby stage, and mine are now 3 and 1 so not babies any more. I would have gone on and on I think, but DH would probably left if we had had any more. It is a lot harder with two, and I imagine must be the more you have. I did not go back to work, and we just adjusted our lifestyle a bit, and so far so good. You are not mad !

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