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Full term waiting room club

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namaste30 Mon 28-Mar-16 20:14:32

Hi, I'm bored, sat on mumsnet or googling every symptom and trump. I'm 37+4 and it is my third and final. I know I should be enjoying every last kick and lightning bolt to the cervix, just feeling it is quite a big mountain to climb. Dd's were 40+3 and 40+ 6 and this is a boy. How is everyone else doing? WHAT are you doing? I am busy grumping at dh and pinteresting healthy post natal things whilst eating Easter eggs...

LittleTalks Mon 28-Mar-16 20:36:45

Oh please can I join in. Due date today, it's DC1 and I'm grumpy, very, very grumpy. DH is currently heating up the hottest curry they had in the supermarket. I'm sick of sitting on that sodding ball. I had a sweep on Friday, cervix was soft but still far back, and she could just get one finger in. Mucus plug has gone. I'm a bit twingey, but not half as twingey as DH will be after I've strangled him next time he asks me if I'm ok or whether I think it could happen tonight. Gah!
Namaste were your previous labours quick? Did you have any warning signs in the lead up?

namaste30 Mon 28-Mar-16 21:28:38

Ooh I'm excited for you! With dd1My plug went and I started contracting lightly, and then about 6 hrs later went a bit more stingy and into hospital, wasn't dilated, was sent away and went for a walk, 2 hrs later was 5 cms, got in the pool- a dream and delivered in caul 4 hrs later...dd2 planned home birth, started light contracting at 4pm, then manic nesting -put dd1 to bed at 7, midwife came at 10, got in pool, they told me to get out - and go to bed :-( left me at 12- followed by 3 hrs of bad but not frequent pains and diarrhoea and dh delivered her all 8lb 6 of her as my waters went. They said to call when contractions were more than 3 in 10- never got that way!! Have you got another sweep booked? I think it sounds very imminent! Are you energised or tired? I was full of energy before the girls- don't feel like that now!!

SevenOhTwo Mon 28-Mar-16 21:45:17

I'm not quite term - 36+5 today - but can I join? Also third and final, and also finding myself googling every symptom. Actually not that prepared for baby yet, but I feel like i have just passed the size anyone should rightly expand to, and the prospect of getting bigger and heavier and more uncomfortable for the next 3-5 weeks is making me feel quite panicked.

What kind of healthy postnatal things are you pinning namaste? I can't believe those mws left you in established labour having a second baby after a straightforward and quick first shock Are you planning hb again this time?

Little mucus plug gone good sign! I had DD the day after I lost mine I think. Don't remember ever seeing it with DS.

Anyway, off for a bath I think and then to bed. Definitely the opposite of energised here. My mind is whirring with all the things I want to sort out (kitchen cupboards, new camera, hospital bag, moving cot, never ending washing mountain, knitting, blah, blah, blah) but my body can't keep up - just about managing to keep everything going....

thundernlightning Tue 29-Mar-16 01:24:38

Can I join? 39+1 and discomfort and contraction every night but nothing doing. First pregnancy and I feel like people are gleefully malicious when they tell me first ones are usually late!

seven I was a bit panicky too but as it turned out I hardly noticed the increase in size. I hope it's the same for you!

namaste30 Tue 29-Mar-16 05:39:44

No hb for me this time, unless it is a real rush!! I live 5 mins from. MWLU which is great, but I'm up at 5 am worrying as today they Are scanning me. ( again#7) as baby is 10th centile exactly- so daft as has been tracking this all Along and that still is over 7 lbs for me. However if he hasn't gone up I have to go to the hospital which is a 30 min drive. It's all rubbish for another thread really, but just annoying. Yes, really I should have mAde a formal complaint about dd2 birth- but I get that they were under staffed and We were about to make An international move so I had enough on my plate. How was your sleep?

5hell Tue 29-Mar-16 05:52:41

40w today here and have had over 24h of intermittent contractions (currently every 8mins) but no show/waters etc. ..v tired and no idea if this will really get going or stay like this for days! confused

As u say namaste, trying to savour the kicks n nudges as I'm sure I'll miss them smile

LittleTalks Tue 29-Mar-16 07:22:54

Morning all. Not a whiff of a contraction overnight sadly, I suppose at least I got a good nights sleep. Seeing the midwife again today and will have another sweep. I can't get too excited about losing the plug as I think it was just dislodged by the midwife poking about.

I also can't believe they left you to deliver on your own with your last birth namaste, that's terrible behaviour on their part. Sounds like you have a good plan in place for this time. Hope your scan goes well today.

5shell regular contractions sound positive, though it must be miserable if you aren't getting any sleep. Hope you get a bit of a nap today. Is this your first?

HappyInL0nd0n Tue 29-Mar-16 12:05:50

Hi everyone - can I join too? smile 39+5 here.

Actually, I'm not impatient at all and would be delighted if this little one stayed put for another week. It's been so crazy in the run up - working loony hours before mat leave, then flying around for the past fortnight trying to get everything organised - this feels like the first opportunity I've really had to put the feet up. I'm not having curry, pineapple or raspberry tea for at least another week!

But I sympathise with everyone who wants things to get a move on.

Is everyone else pretty knackered? The simple effort of showering, putting one wash on and cleaning up the kitchen has left me seriously thinking about heading for a nap. A bit embarrassing really....

Dellabob123 Tue 29-Mar-16 12:35:09

Oh can I join? 39+1 here and so fed up. This is my second and this too is not engaged. Ended up at 40+19 desperately willing a natural labour but in the end had induction. So fed up right now. happy I hear you on the exhaustion. I put one wash on, took a shower and had to sit down with a hot wheat wrap thing afterwards!

This has turned into a right moan, sorry. I'm seeing midwife tomorrow to check things out down there and have a sweep if possible.

little any update since your show.. V exciting

I'm going out to buy chocolate now and watch crappy films-it's desperation!

fedupofpeppa Tue 29-Mar-16 13:31:54

Can I join too. I am 38+2 and am on day 1 of maternity. I actually could do with baby waiting a day or two as have a tonne of stuff to do but definitely already symptom spotting. Been cramping on and off for weeks so trying to not symptom spot as leads me nowhere

fedupofpeppa Tue 29-Mar-16 13:33:31

Oh and I strangely have energy. Have been exhausted this entire pregnancy so think it might just be the comparison to having to work but am trying to make the most of it and get things done

almmummy Tue 29-Mar-16 13:45:17

38+2 here and swinging between overanalysing every twinge as imminent labour and getting excited, to thinking a week or so of just dealing with one baby (18 months) is plenty.

Is anybody else getting lots of pressure and crampy feelings? Never had that first time around, it's setting me on edge all the time that baby is coming!

Howtocatchastar Tue 29-Mar-16 13:46:01

Just over 36 weeks here, but possibly being induced next week at 37.3 days as baby is measuring small - scan to confirm. Feeling ok at the mo - thinking baby might have moved back to transverse though as pressure now at sides rather than downwards :-/

IndomitabIe Tue 29-Mar-16 14:19:03

Can I join you? I'm rapidly becoming the only pregnant one still in the March group.

40+6 with DC2. Going for a sweep in a bit.

Chattymummyhere Tue 29-Mar-16 14:49:24

40+2 here had a sweep this morning no plug but obviously now things are looking a bit messy. She did say to expect plenty of show. On and off cramps now and my bum feels weird. I will be honest and say I've never felt so violated in my life having a sweep and I'm the one who asked for it. Very strange feeling.

IndomitabIe Tue 29-Mar-16 15:06:42

I'm in the waiting room waiting for my sweep. Thanks for your take on it chatty!

fedupofpeppa Tue 29-Mar-16 15:09:05

Almmummy I am definitely feeling more crampy this time around. Also feeling more pressure but not all the time. Depends on where the baby is sat and how low down

SevenOhTwo Tue 29-Mar-16 15:17:14

5mins from MLU sounds perfect namaste - hope scan all good and you don't have to go to hospital.

5hell sounds promising! Is it ramping up at all?

chatty sorry your sweep was so unpleasant. I was never offered one in previous pregnancies, and will decline if offered this time. I had one VE in y first birth and that was enough for me - like you, it felt very violating to me. I was v glad to have none in second birth and hoping I can repeat that with third.

SevenOhTwo Tue 29-Mar-16 15:20:50

Della wow 40+19! I don't think I've ever come across anyone whose gone so long. My mum went to 40+17 with one of my sisters though. Did baby look very ready when s/he came out or were they still vernix-y etc.? Do you have a feeling whether this one will go long as well?

namaste30 Tue 29-Mar-16 15:24:53

Ooh I am excited ( and tired, always tired) just had my scan- same woman as last 2 weeks; and... We have been discharged to primary care as he has jumped up above the 10th line! Yippee! Projected weight is 7lbs 5 NOW! Well, I say- let me get my long awaited massage done in the morning and then operation eviction starts! That is plenty big enough! How big were your others? I am excited as this means I can delivery in the pool! Yay!

SevenOhTwo Tue 29-Mar-16 15:44:28

Brilliant news namaste smile ! 7lb5 sounds very healthy to me - is that deemed small, or is it adjusted for parental heights or something? Mine were 8lb3 and 8lb10 and both seemed ginormous compared to other babies of same age.

Had a mw appt this morning - head down, bump measuring average, everything looking okay, except had to take one more bloods to checks iron again (bit low last time).

Chattymummyhere Tue 29-Mar-16 15:58:49

I'm normally fine with internals but it was a very strange feeling she did say it might hurt but it didn't and also said that she won't stop for ow/ouch and to actually say stop if it was hurting. I've finally once again been discharged from consultant back onto Homebirth team. Baby number 3 here.

I've had a prior sga baby (4th centile) Homebirth so I've had late growth scans with this one and she's measuring just above the 10th centile.

Chattymummyhere Tue 29-Mar-16 16:00:07

I think they adjust it seven my first was 7.5lbs and he was considered 32rd centile, my second was 6.2lb and considered 4th centile.

IndomitabIe Tue 29-Mar-16 16:04:04

Phew, chatty, my sweep was fine! I've had far worse smear tests!

Not sure it'll actually do anything though.

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