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D&V regular occurrence in past few weeks

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Mikethenight2good Mon 28-Mar-16 13:58:32

Hi all,

I am 30 weeks & have spent another night puking. This is my 2nd pg, and have never had sickness with my first or in the early days of this pg.
Last weekend i had D&V one night and a few weeks ago I had it on on and off for a week.
I can't work out if I just keep catching a bug or I'd there is something wrong. I have a midwife appt this week so will ask.
Baby is moving around so I know he / she is OK (I hope!) But it can't be good for them.
Baby is still high, I literally can't feel them in my pelvis so I also wonder if bubba is squashing my tummy? Dunno.
Just looking for advise really.
Also my first one rocked up early and I am paranoid this one is going to do the same too (buy even earlier as I am alot bigger than I was before)

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