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clexane lumps?

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emmyr84 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:29:53

I've been on clexane since week 25 of this pregnancy and so far so good. I'd have the occasional painful one or the occasional bruising. But just under 2 weeks ago I've had two lumps come up, both under injection sites (there's bruising and a needle mark on each one).

I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar and how long I can expect to have to wait for the lumps to go down?

I did mention it to my midwife last week and she didn't seem concerned, so I haven't been too worried. I'm just curious to know how long it will take for the lumps to go

Thanks in advance xx

cheapredwine Mon 28-Mar-16 12:41:36

I've been on clexane since before conception (IVF) and unfortunately the lumps are inevitable. Nothing you can do really. I think it happens when you hit a blood vessel. Some can be really quite sore but they start to go down in a few days, until the next ones! You'll get a lot of needle site blood marks and bruising too. You can inject into the bruises but avoid the lumps until they have gone. Don't rub the injection site after you've jabbed, it'll make bruising worse. Where are you injecting? I used tummy initially but got too weird jabbing my bump so use thighs now.

emmyr84 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:49:32

I'm injecting into my tummy too (well dh is as I can't face the thought of doing a clexane jab myself). He switches sides for each injection and we've just started putting an ice cube on my skin before injecting, which has really helped to be honest

If I remember correctly where the lumps are have coincided with two of the most painful ones. To the extent where they actually made me cry they hurt that much

I've noticed that the larger one has gone down, but if I've knocked it by accident then it does seem to flare up again. The other, slightly smaller one is going slowly but surely

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