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Maternity swimwear

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KayTee87 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:16:28

Bra size pre pregnancy was 32G so I've always had to buy bra sized bikinis from Freya or somewhere similar. I've now gone up to a 34G at 23 weeks pg and can't wear my pre pg bikinis anymore meaning I can't go to aqua natal. I've been searching the Internet to find maternity swimwear that do actual bra sizes (I really can't wear anything that dress sized as it would all be huge on my bum and offer no support). Does anyone know of any brands I can look up? If I bought a Freya swimsuit do you think it would have anywhere near enough stretch to accommodate my stomach as my pregnancy goes on?

Heirhelp Mon 28-Mar-16 12:29:22

I was 34G by 7 weeks and found a lot maternity swim wear to be 'sexy' aka so low cut they exposed my nipples when I moved. I have just bought a supermarket tankini in a huge size for swimming but I don't think it would supportive enough for aqua fit.

Heirhelp Mon 28-Mar-16 12:30:50

Dont forget that you ribs will move lots so you will probably need a wider band. At 35 weeks I am measuring 38G.

LBOCS2 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:34:54

I spent a LONG time looking for maternity bikinis. Turns out you don't actually need a maternity one, because it doesn't cover your stomach! Just try and find one which actually covers your boobs, it should be fine - don't get hung up on the maternity aspect as long as you're not looking for a swimming costume or tankini.

KayTee87 Mon 28-Mar-16 12:40:41

Heirhelp yeah I've gone from a 32G to 34GG so ribs have definitely gotten bigger.
LBOCS2 I should have probably specified I would rather a swim suit or tankini in case I have stretch marks etc to cover up later in pg - not confident enough to let it all show haha.

twentiethcenturybitch Mon 28-Mar-16 12:43:53

To echo above, I never bothered with maternity swimwear. For a more supportive tankini go to a sports shop for one. You will show a fair amount of belly by 40 weeks but you'll be underwater anyway. And it doesn't get stretched so good to use after pregnancy too.

wonkylegs Mon 28-Mar-16 12:46:32

Asos sell the maternity tankini tops and bottoms separately so you can buy them to fit what you need.
I just have a regular cheap bikini (seperates) with a large tie bikini top (which can expand) to fit my now 30J (up from a 28F) boobs but still only need a size 10 bottoms - I'm 34 weeks and go to hydrotherapy every week so am getting a lot of wear out of it, I don't have any stretch marks though and probably wouldn't be bothered if I did.

KayTee87 Mon 28-Mar-16 13:03:26

I think I might be best buying a normal Freya tankini and if it shows my stomach later on then who cares. No stretch marks so far so might be lucky and I want to keep exercising so will just need to prioritise that over being worried about covering up! Plus it will take a while for my boobs/stomach to go back to normal (if ever) so will be able to use it afterwards.

PeppaPigStinks Tue 29-Mar-16 20:15:41

I wore a proper fitted bikini top under my maternity tankini for aqua natal

babyboyHarrison Tue 29-Mar-16 20:31:23

Cake maternity have a fuller bust tankini. I haven't tried it but really like the look of it.

KnitsBakesAndReads Tue 29-Mar-16 20:35:50

I'm a similar size (was 32G, gone up to 34J during pregnancy) and I spent ages trying to find bra size maternity swimwear with no success.

I eventually tried on a Speedo maternity swimming costume in desperation and expecting it to be a rubbish fit, but it's actually been great. This is the one I've got:

I got mine at John Lewis but I'm sure lots of sports shops would also sell the same style if you wanted to try it.

museumum Tue 29-Mar-16 20:38:22

I wore a normal bikini for support with a maternity tankini top on top for coverage.

BeardMinge Wed 30-Mar-16 10:00:51

I have mahoosive boobs pregnant or not, and I found the best fitting swimsuit to be a Zoggs maternity one (got it from It gave me enough support to be still swimming 40 lengths freestyle the day before my baby was born and was really comfortable as well.

NameChange30 Mon 19-Sep-16 21:10:56

Hi OP, hope you don't mind me reviving this thread - I was just wondering which swimsuit you bought in the end, and how you got on with it?

I was a 34F/FF before getting pregnant and I have the same dilemma that you had.Like you I'm considering getting a non-maternity tankini that fits my boobs (have my eye on the Freya Active Soft Cup tankini). Did you do that and if so was the tankini too tight over your bump at the end?

mummySN Wed 21-Sep-16 12:16:07

Hi all
Am having the same boobage issue with swimwear! I was in sports direct and saw a slazenger swimsuit but was sized 10, 12 etc....does this assume same size as pre-pregnancy just accounting for bump?

CommaStop Wed 21-Sep-16 22:55:32

If anyone has any answers on the pregnant, huge boobage front (no pun intended) I'd love to hear them. I'm a 34GG pre pregnancy and currently a 36HH at 15 weeks. I swim regularly and am showing quite a lot pretty early so in need of a suit already. Help, please.

Sausagema Fri 23-Sep-16 10:04:46

I had this problem, I always wear bra sized swimwear because I hate flapping about in the pool/by the pool grin FINALLY got round it by buying a Next maternity Tanksuit (looks like a tankini but is a one piece) and Wear a bikini top that is bra sized underneath. You can't tell I've even got it on to be honest. Makes me feel much more secure at aquanatal and by the pool on holiday, as I am just now.

There is a HUGE gap in the market I'm sure for bra sized, maternity, supportive swimwear. Are those of us large of breast meant to suddenly go without at the time when ones boobs need support the most?! Bloody ridiculous.

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