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Weight gain in pregnancy when overweight

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dodi1978 Sat 26-Mar-16 22:18:47


I am 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Am overweight, but consider myself a healthy overweight person because I exercise a fair amount. For that reason I think, I only gained about 10 kg in my first pregnancy.... I swam 25 50 meter lanes the day I gave birth.

The baby weight was off almost immediately (I did lots of long pram walks). Unfortunately, I then started gaining when I went back to work because I didn't have the chance to be as active any more (e.g. cycling to work wasn't possible any more due to nursery runs). Never mind, I managed to (just) remain in a size 16.

In my second pregnancy just now, I am currently wearing trousers that fit better than before Christmas (i.e. before I became pregnant). There is a bit of a belly starting to appear, but I think I have lost weight (and fat rolls) on the side. The reason I think is that I suffered a lot more from sickness and nausea and lack of appetite this time round than in my first pregnancy. I do eat and I do keep things in, but I just don't fancy food very much. If I do fancy stuff, it tends to be on the healthy side, fruit especially.

Has anyone ever had the same thing? I would love to actually use this pregnancy to get myself into a better shape, without of course starving myself or the baby! It just seems that, at the moment, body and mind work well together in terms of self-control. Not drinking alcohol seems to help as well! I am trying to go swimming once a week and for a run/walk, but hasn't always happened since I've got pregnant due to tiredness.

RosieTheCat Sun 27-Mar-16 08:58:40

I've lost a stone so far with this pregnancy 15st in December 14st now and I'm 15+6
I gained a lot with Dd and was up to 16st something at one point

My midwife is concerned, I do have other health issues, and I'm being refers to specialists for testing as while my appetite has decreased the amount of rubbish I eat along with my healthy food should mean I'm still gaining

While pregnancy is a good excuse to exercise for your overall health please don't try to loose weight while pregnant if you saw how worried my midwife family and Drs ect were about me you'd think twice

SodaChick Sun 27-Mar-16 09:40:53

strength and endurance will be easier to gain during pregnancy than overall reshaping. I would suggest yoga and walking. Interesting concept about what we have time for in our lives. Hold up your left hand and number off each thing you wish you had more time for..exercise, self care etc. Now hold up your right hand and number off your priorities in the things you most value..maybe a healthy body, being an awesome parent etc. Often the left hand and the right match almost perfectly in their wishes and goals. Now put your left hand behind your back, look at your right hand, repeat your will MAKE time for them. Only one hand left darling. Master your time.
Also watch "That Sugar Film" an Australian documentary, extremely entertaining, fun and wonderfully well filmed and potentially life changing smile

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