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thin yellowy discharge

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Mrsbadger77 Sat 26-Mar-16 17:04:15

Last night as I was eating dinner I felt a trickle down there. I went to check fearing it might be blood but it was yellowy watery stuff which went away after a few wipes. It has really freaked me out because to me it just doesn't seem right. Everything I've googled suggests an infection but I have no other symptoms. I'm 11 weeks. Has anyone ever had this? I'm so worried as I had a late miscarriage in October at 16 weeks.

OzzieFem Sat 26-Mar-16 20:52:23

You need to see a doctor asap. You may have had an amniotic fluid leak which can be caused by a minor tear in the amniotic sac. flowers

OhIfIMust Sat 26-Mar-16 20:56:52

Or it could be an infection like BV which changes the constituency of your discharge but can have few or no other symptoms. Definitely get to the doctor or midwife so you can POAS and they can tell you whether you have any infection or not xx

cavedescreux Sun 27-Mar-16 14:02:08

Can I suggest a strep b test as this has been known to cause these symptoms (often asymptomatic though).

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