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O dear? weight gain, confused

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cheekstime Fri 25-Mar-16 23:15:33

Hi, I was 9st at 173cm tall, bmi 19.1 - Normal range.

I am 27 weeks and have put on 2.5 stone? apparently the top weight for me for the entire pregnancy but Im only starting my 3rd trimester soon.

Why? and please try to refrain from asking if Ive been over eating because I haven't.

Midwife says sounds ok, I think you're fine, don't really find that reassuring when Ive since checked out what the weight banding is. do I need to watch what I eat?

Has this happened to anyone else. They say another 10 pounds will go on in last trimester....say whaaaaatttt! That puts me at 45 pounds.

That's over 3 stone, IMPORTANTLY that ok for baby!? and health etc.

Anyone else have/had this?


skankingpiglet Fri 25-Mar-16 23:51:25

Averages are just that. I wouldn't worry if your midwife isn't.
I've found both times I've not gained in line with the charts. I gain loads in the 1st tri, little in the second, not much in the 3rd until the last couple of weeks, then pile a load more again (only 25wks this time so have yet to see if 3rd tri follows the same pattern, but I think it will). We're all different shapes and carry differently. How do you look when you stand in front of the mirror? Are you all bump? If the weight gain was caused by something that could harm the baby I would presume that would be picked up in the midwife's tests (eg GD), otherwise worst case if you'll just have a few extra pounds to shift PP. How are you planning on feeding your baby? I found breastfeeding made the baby weight drop off me, despite living on chocolate biscuits for the first few months of DD's life.
If you are concerned, try some light exercise perhaps? Being fit is a bonus for labour as well as keeping weight under control smile

Runningupthathill82 Sat 26-Mar-16 03:08:24

You sound like me. In my last pregnancy I put on a stone in the first trimester, another in the second and almost two in the third - making four stone overall.

The midwives brushed off all my concerns, saying it was very normal for slim and active women to put on more weight than those who are larger to start with.

I was upset at the weight gain because I didn't overeat and I exercised throughout my pregnancy - running to week 25 and lighter stuff thereafter. I also only gained two stone in my first pregnancy despite eating more and exercising less!

All I would say is, you are not abnormal, and I was told at every appointment that increased weight gain is common in women who are on the lower end of the weight spectrum to start.

My DD was a very big baby (91st centile) and at eight weeks postpartum I've lost almost three of the four stone I put on. She's a happy and healthy baby, so my above-average weight gain did her good, if anything!

marsbarmarsbar Sat 26-Mar-16 05:37:16

First baby I put on 20kg! I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have gained 1kg.. ONE KILO. the mind boggles but first baby was fine and midwife/scans tell me this one is too. I lost all 20kg within 9months, breastfeeding helps apparently.

scoobyloobyloo Sat 26-Mar-16 06:04:20

I was at about the same starting point as you and had put on as much weight by the start of my third trimester - by the end I had put on 3.5 stone. I had a huge bump and boobs but put on almost no extra weight elsewhere. I gave birth o a 7'6 baby, apparently my waters had been huge and my placenta was as big as the baby.

My mum was exactly the same.

cheapredwine Sat 26-Mar-16 07:04:21

I'm very similar. Started off as BMI of 18.8 and I have put on A LOT, I'm 25 weeks now and while haven't been weighed lately, my guess is I've gained about 15-18 kg already. It's basically boobs (previously hardly had anything, DH is delighted!) and bump. Mentally it's not always easy and I've been eating a lot and so tired exercise has basically been out the window which I miss dreadfully. But everyone seems happy and at 25 week check on Thurs was complimented by the midwife on my 'lovely small but shapely' bump. I think you just gain more if you're starting from a lower point IYSWIM.

IamChipmunk Sat 26-Mar-16 07:12:08

In my first pregnancy I was also 9 stone to start with. I put on 4 stone also. Midwives were never bothered. Baby was only 6lb 11.
This time I was 9 St 12lb to start with and so far at 22 weeks have put on 1.5 stone. I hav tried to eat less rubbish this time. I was hoping to only hav put on 2 stone but looks like it will go over that.

I wouldn't worry too much. It will come off after.

bonzo77 Sat 26-Mar-16 07:17:48

Somewhere on line there's a calculator based on starting bmi. It's pretty clear that the lower your starting bmi the more weight you should gain.

almmummy Sat 26-Mar-16 07:45:33

I was about 10 5lb when baby came and about two weeks later dipped under 9st - she was only 6lb 3oz. Your body carries a lot of weight that is nothing to do with what you eat.

Annabrooke90 Sat 26-Mar-16 10:41:20

Agree with everyone else. Weight is a totally varying thing in pregnancy. This baby is my 5th an all my pregnancies I have gained quite different. Infact the last trimester I start to either really slow down with weight gain or lose a few pounds due to how it makes me feel in the sense of too full or ill etc etc. My first baby I started off with a low BMI and gained 4St, I lost most of this in the following weeks after and kept enough to give me a normal BMI instead of low. Second baby I lost weight and by three months my BMI was 17.5. Third baby I gained about 2St all in all most of it in the second trimester last one slowed down loads. Fourth baby again about 2st, I gained nothing at all until 18 week and gave birth at 34 weeks so all of that went on in between that time haha. This time I started at 8st (BMI 18.2) and I have no idea what I am at the minute I'd say around 9St-9st3 and I'm only 16 weeks so a stone or over in that time.

Don't worry though it does come off, your body just does what it needs to do x

almmummy Sat 26-Mar-16 14:55:51

The midwives in our area don't ever mention mum's weight other than at booking in. I presumed it was banned as judgmental or something.

Dixiechick17 Sat 26-Mar-16 15:34:34

I was 7st 10 pre pregnancy, was 11st 8 around my due date, so I put on almost four stone, I carried a lot of water and lost most lf it very quickly after the birth and 10 months on its pretty much all gone, I wouldn't focus too much on it and just enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy.

cheekstime Sat 26-Mar-16 17:07:15

*You're the best mumsnetters, that has really put my mind at ease. Although not underweight I was at the low end of bmi, makes sense everything you guys have said. Think I will be looking at 4 stone gain but as I don't feel I'm over eating will carry on as I am. Just weird to get my head round at first becasu eI was on the lean side I thought I'd just be all bump. & My bubs clearly likes enough swimming room smile.

Reassuring to know that it falls off too, healthwise not! vanity issues...honest!

I find it reassuring to here that some of of said you had good weight babies, a great thing. I did have a look at that calulator and Im over by 7lb I think for my starting weight already at 27 wks, think thats what freaked me out.

Listening to how some of you slowed down too I suppose its not a given I will put on 10/12lb as suggested online in my last trimester.

You've def relayed my fears on that one. Happy bubbing smile*

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