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6 days late on my period and now experiencing light to medium unusual bleeding could I be pregnant?

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Yasxyasxyas Fri 25-Mar-16 02:06:16

Hi ladies really just looking for some advise and anyone who's experienced anything similar
So I have been late on my period this month by 6 days I now am having light bleeding/spotting this is very unusual for me as I'm usually like clock work with my flow and very very heavy for first few days
I've also experienced none of my usual symptoms no spots or mood swings and the worlds lightest cramping when usually I am keeled over in agony
My bleed is a very bright red and is sometimes mixed with mucus and I've been urinating a ton more than usual
Ive tested twice and both came back negative but I'm rather confused I know something is not right with my body but can't decide if it's possibly pregnancy
Any stories to share would be wonderful especially results

icklekid Fri 25-Mar-16 03:07:40

If your 6 days late and a test comes back negative I'm afraid it's unlikely your pregnant. If bleeding continues I would speak to gp just to rule out that you haven't had a very early miscarriage or similar flowers

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