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PGP unbearable today

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Leirope Thu 24-Mar-16 11:38:16

Hi all,

I'm 28+1 and my PGP has gradually been getting worse, with a couple of periods of respite, to the point where today I can barely walk and going up and down stairs is excruciating.

I really don't fancy spending all day in bed (the house is a mess and OH will sulk if I don't cook dinner later) so any tips on relieving the pain would be most gratefully received.

Thanks in advance x

squeezed Fri 25-Mar-16 11:02:17

Firstly let OH sulk and have him do the housework. I can't think of many things worse for the pain than cooking and housework.
For the longer term a referral to a physio can help. I got crutches that mean I can actually walk. Also a support band, I've got the Emma Jane one from boots and Wear it very low over the pubic bone. Paracetamol, maximum dose everyday is supposed to have a cumulative effect. I also grudgingly take codeine at night to help me sleep. Limit stair use if you can. In a car sit on a plastic bag so you can spin out. At bedtime sleep with pillow between your legs and when you turn over keep your legs together.
I can't say that these things take the pain away but they can help.

KayTee87 Fri 25-Mar-16 17:11:57

Really the best thing to do is rest. Your OH can clean the house and bring you dinner on a tray on bed. If he sulks about it have a serious word with him.

wowbutter Fri 25-Mar-16 17:13:07

Pain killers! And seeing a decent chiropractor.
I had it and don't want another baby due to it.

superram Fri 25-Mar-16 17:33:11

I had crutches. I also found an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel in my knickers helped! Keep your legs together for every movement, tighten stomach muscles before every movement-it really does work.

Leirope Sat 26-Mar-16 12:58:14

Thanks a lot for these tips, they're really helpful.
I've started tightening my stomach muscles now before doing anything and the difference it makes is amazing. I've got a support band as well, which does help with walking, although I'm worried that it will weaken the muscles and make it even worse? Will have to have a look for a chiropractor/osteopath when I'm back in the UK - I'm in Greece atm, but coming back to the UK for the birth and have my first appointment with the midwife in a week and a half.
On Thursday OH was actually really supportive (he even made dinner!), although he's back to being his usual self again now. I generally try to push through the pain and do as much as I can as I really hate lying about doing nothing, so I think when he saw that I couldn't actually do anything he realised that he needed to pull his weight a bit.
Since you've all been so helpful, are there any exercises that help? Or is resting my best course of action?

Thanks again

squeezed Sun 27-Mar-16 08:40:30

I don't think the support band will weaken muscles. The physio told me to wear mine lower to reduce the pelvis moving. I was given exercises that very simply involve tightening the lower stomach muscles. Apart from that I barely move about if I can help it.

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