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Just tired and needing a moan

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Marquand Thu 24-Mar-16 07:28:22

DISCLAIMER - Long, boring moan.

I'm 43 and 20w pregnant with DC3. I'm not constantly nauseous any longer, but I still am dealing with a fair amount of feeling bleh.

I've not been able to get an appointment for the 20w anomaly scan (South Africa, different system), even though I have been calling every second day for the past two weeks. Of course, given my age, this worries me no end, though I keep telling myself at 20 weeks there is not much you could do anyway if the news was bad.

DC1 is 6, and occasionally suffers from what only could be growing pains. Last night was such a night, when she was screaming in pain for hours on end. The poor child also loathes taking medicine, so no amount of sweet talking can get her to take something for the pain. We have to resort to hot water bottles for her legs, lots of rubbing, and just consoling her.

DC2 is 3, and jealous and was also crying for no particular reason other than also wanting attention. This morning everything was an issue - we had chosen the wrong friend to organise a playdate with, brushing teeth was a battle, and getting dressed also solicited a drama of note.

(Both kids were delighted when they finally were dropped off at the playdate).

DH has man flu, and is therefore completely impossible of helping (though he normally is quite good). DC1 was in our bed screaming her head off, and I had to wake him to just console her while I went to fill up the hot water bottles.

We moved house at the start of this month, and the house is still a tip. We will be renovating eventually (plans need to be approved etc), and therefore the motivation is not quite there to unpack things that will need to be packed again in a while.

And, due to forced leave in December, announced in November, my leave planning got screwed up royally, and I am still in a negative leave balance. This was only a 3 day work week, and for 3 days' leave I would have gotten 11 days off, but I couldn't take it.

I'm just tired and not in the mood for the meeting that I am nearly late for.

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