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Hypnobirthing in the Bromley area

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GuruK Wed 23-Mar-16 16:57:23

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for some advice on Hypnobirthing in general and also some local recommendations.
I'm 23 weeks at the moment and keen to book myself and hubby onto a hypnobirthing course but I'm unsure as to whether to go for a one-off weekend course or a longer course over a number of evenings. I'm worried that a one day course won't be long enough to fully feel the benefit but at the same time my husband works irregular hours and we're finding it hard enough to keep our NCT evenings clear let alone adding another set of evening commitments to the mix.
Any advice would be very welcome!
Also, if anyone has any recommendations for courses that run in the Bromley (SE London) area that would be great.
Thank you!

CamembertQueen Wed 23-Mar-16 17:06:02

I have just signed up to the daisy foundation one in Petts Wood. Think there are a few in Orpington / West Wickham too. Haven't attended yet but have heard great things. Only thing is it is women only and 6 sessions. They do have like a parenting weekend also but I haven't signed up for that.

belfastmama Thu 24-Mar-16 10:17:49

Just saw your message thread.
I offer Hypnobirthing workshops for mum and birthing partner and also Private 1:1 or friendship groups at your place or mine. Workshops currently running at West Wickham. Next Workship Sat April 16th 10-4pm
Please do give me a call and I can answer your questions about hypnobirthing, whether you use me or another provider. Check out my credentials on my web 'about us'.
Move from fear to freedom in a day and prepare yourself for the miracle of birth,
Warm wishes,
Ruth Shaw
07929 914475 for fastest response

GuruK Tue 29-Mar-16 11:13:06

Thanks CamembertQueen, took a look at their website the course looks great but I'm quite keen for my husband to be involved too so will try to find something that we can both go to.
Thanks for the link belfastmama I'll get in touch!

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