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Just found out

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KeelyT Wed 23-Mar-16 12:12:44

Hi all......

Just thought I would introduce myself.
My names Keely, I am 26 from Manchester.

I'm in abit of a tizz. Panicking the lot. Looking for some moral support from people with similar situations.

I have a little boy who will be 2 next month. However I do have a boyfriend of 6 months (not currently living together) so the following has come to quite a shock to us both.
I had to come off the pill last month as it really does not agree with me, it seems I have gotten caught. Last monthly was 21st Feb when I stopped the Pill.

I have felt somewhat different the last few days and it prompted me to take a test. Keep getting hot, one of my boobs & nipple is sore & my tummy feels full but is not bloated in appearance, if that makes sense. I just feel full like too full to eat. I feel if I eat something i may vomit.
Took first test Monday night as it was playing on my mind (did the one step dip stick test) a very faint positive showed.
Took 2 more yesterday, used morning sample and got a faint positive, took it again around 4PM the line was slightly darker.
Took another this morning and the line was again slightly darker.

I am currently under going weekly therapy for anxiety as I have been having trouble with it since mid January.

Guessing I should tell my therapist my discovery tomorrow & see how this is going to affect my recovery process.

I am still getting my head around this, keep shaking out of nerves.
I think my little boy senses something is different as he is being unusually clingy with me.

Thanks smile

whiteychappers Wed 23-Mar-16 16:15:52

Congratulations hun xxx

whiteychappers Wed 23-Mar-16 16:16:22

P.s its completely normal for feel like that x

Jenjen85 Wed 23-Mar-16 16:48:55

Congratulations my little girl will be 3 just before baby arrives and when we first found out (huge shock as had the coil in) she became very clingy too so I think she sensed something. That phase didn't last long though. I'm not a million miles away from Manchester myself. I panicked at first as baby was not planned but I have come round to the idea and I'm now 17weeks and looking forward to finding out what we're having in 3 weeks smile

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