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weight gain... or lack of

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LadyRoseMacClare Wed 23-Mar-16 07:30:46

I promise this isn't a stealth boast- I'm genuinely worried.
33 weeks pg with dc2, and I've only put on about half a stone. My bmi was 31 to start with so I know I'm not supposed to put on much, but I've just read online that too little weight gain can lead to weak babies and premature labour. Is this more referring to if you're a teeny skinny Minnie to start with?
I've been referred to a consultant for being overweight at booking in and had a gtt, which now just seems a bit of a waste of time.
Any experience please?

kiki22 Wed 23-Mar-16 07:41:26

I'm 17 weeks and haven't gained a pound though I'm in maternity clothes for my bump so I'm clearly growing. I asked the midwife at an appointment on Monday about it and she said its fine (my bmi was 30) the weight gain is about having fat stores of you already have them your good.

I'm losing fat from my hips and face and gaining bump so its evening out, I'm sure its because I'm not able to eat the same amount as before and not drinking I'm losing weight. I know 3 people who lost stones when pregnant, all were very over weight to start with.

Cakeymum Wed 23-Mar-16 12:57:22

I'm 22 weeks and let to put on even half a pound, my BMI is 33 though and the midwife and consultants have all said not to worry and its a good thing to stay the same if your BMI is higher.
same as kiki22 my face is thining out but i have a decent size bump smile

makes me realise how many calories there is in wine ;)

Annabrooke90 Wed 23-Mar-16 13:17:35

Sometimes it's just how the body reacts. I've had four babies, all different gains, first I gained 4st, second baby I lost 1 and half stone in the first trimester taking me to a BMI of 17.5, I put the stone and half back on eventually and was only about 4 pounds above my pre preg weight just before he was born. My third and fourth I gained about an average 2st for me. Out of all my babies my second where I was ill and lost weight arrived not far off due date (5 days difference) and he was a lovely weight of 9ib largest of all my babies. Hope this helps smile

mmmminx Wed 23-Mar-16 13:21:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bellejournee Wed 23-Mar-16 14:12:13

I haven't put on any weight either and am concerned. Baby is measuring small, but no one seems concerned other than me. I only out 1/2 a stone on with my first baby, nothing with my second (actually lost) and at 35 weeks with #3, there's no sign of putting any on. I am having regular growth scans, so baby is being monitored thankfully.

Pinkheart5915 Wed 23-Mar-16 14:15:55

With ds 1 by the end I have gained 1 stone 5 pounds.
I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and so far gained 4 pounds.

I really does depend on each woman

OneLove10 Wed 23-Mar-16 16:25:19

I'm 16 weeks and haven't put on anything as well. My doctor said its not a problem.

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