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ovulation, help.

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sarahjacksonxx Tue 22-Mar-16 10:59:49

hi there!

I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow smile i know i shouldn't really be worrying about this as my baby is nice and healthy and that's all that matters, just something i've been wondering though. i've got a 26-28 day cycle every month i was so sure i ovulated later in my cycle when my period started between the 16th-19th dec.. i'm thinking i ovulated around 9th-10th jan making it a few days before my period was suppose to start, at my 12 week scan on the 15th march at my ultrasound i was 12 weeks 6 days making me ovulate on day 14 on around the 30th dec, giving me the due date 21st September 2016 smile can ultrasounds be out that much? if i ovulated later in my cycle would i be less weeks also would baby have been measuring smaller at my 12 week scan if i ovulated later in my cycle? surely i would be due around october if i got pregnant around 9th-10th jan by the time it takes to actually get pregnant after sex? tried to make this as understanding as possible and not too confusing, although i'm sorry if i'm confusing some people x^^

Artioo2 Tue 22-Mar-16 14:20:28

Sorry if I've misunderstood, but if your period started around the 16th December, then the scan dates are spot on, aren't they? Counting 12 + 6 back from 15th March puts your last period date at 16th December, which is what you say it was.

If you've got a 26-28 day cycle and your last period was 16th December, then it seems really unlikely that you ovulated as late as the 9th Jan. That would be 24 days into your cycle. Your luteal phase (the time between ovulation and your period) tends to be pretty firmly fixed at the same length each month, so it would be unlikely that if you have a usually regular cycle that you'd ovulate that late.

You mention the time it takes to get pregnant after sex, but if the egg is in the right place, this can be a matter of hours, so you can't really take it into account as there's no way of knowing.

In any case, we're talking a week or so difference in dates, I really wouldn't stress about it. Go with the scan dates.

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