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Am I pregnant? So confused!

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Obsidian Tue 22-Mar-16 10:18:17

Hi there,

We started TTC a few weeks ago, planning to 'just see what happens', happy either way. We already have one DD (4) and finally feel ready to have another, although no rush. So wasn't looking for symptoms or desperately hoping for something to happen the first month of trying.

But... my body is confusing the hell out of me! Since about a week after we started TTC, I've felt nauseous / starving (in a way which I only ever felt when pregnant with DD), have gone off certain foods, am reacting oddly to smells, have had vivid dreams, have lower back ache, bigger boobs (well, one!) and horrid headaches. Despite all this, I don't feel 'ill' exactly. So, I sort of assumed I was probably pregnant.

BUT, on Saturday AF arrived, although a bit odd - very on and off, no major cramps (which I usually get at the start) and quite brown-ish to start with (sorry, tmi). Thought it had stopped yesterday afternoon and had nothing overnight, but then some more bleeding this morning. Definitely more than spotting, and a reasonable amount of red blood, but still somehow different to usual. Think it's a bit early too, although unhelpfully can't remember when it started in Feb as wasn't keeping track!

Have done a cheapie eBay test and got negative, but still feel a bit pregnant! Help me - I feel like I'm going mad! Have I imagined these symptoms?? Is there a reasonable explanation? I wouldn't be that disappointed if I wasn't pregnant, but I just want to know either way now. Partly so I can drink wine - although tried to on Saturday night and didn't fancy it!!!!!

Thanks in advance for any advice flowers

claireL1991 Tue 22-Mar-16 10:34:35

I'd leave it another week and test it again, you could still be pregnant but too early to show on a test.

Fingers crossed!

Claire x

Artioo2 Tue 22-Mar-16 10:38:02

If you've had what appears to be a period, and have had a negative test, I would say it's unlikely you're pregnant. When did you do the test?

sepa Tue 22-Mar-16 10:42:28

It could be your body playing tricks on you. Mine did when I was TTC

Obsidian Tue 22-Mar-16 11:08:48

Thanks for your replies. I did a test this morning, but we only started TTC on 11th March, so it's still very early. Too early for symptoms too, I know. Probably in my head, but all felt very real - and I wasn't looking for them, e.g. Had to run out of a meeting at work because I thought I was going to be sick..

Will try to be patient and do another test in a week if I still feel like this. Am really annoyed I've spent so much time thinking about this and failing to concentrate on other things, when we were supposed to be being relaxed about it this time..!

CityMole Tue 22-Mar-16 11:47:58

Be patient and test again in 5 days if you fail to have a 'normal' period by then. It wasn't all that long ago that women were told to test for pregnancy after missing two periods and not one- it certainly seemed to save a lot of worry and heartache around chemical pregnancies etc. Of course you are absolutely entitled to find out as early as you possibly can and I can understand your motives for doing so, but don't drive yourself mad in the process. Unless you are charting and know your luteal phase length with certainty, then give it a little time, at least a few days, before you test again. When was your period actually due?

Obsidian Tue 22-Mar-16 11:54:02

Very sensible advice, thanks - will try to be patient! I think my period was due tomorrow, but I'm not very good at keeping track, so guessing a bit.. Will try and resist the temptation to test every day, and perhaps wait until the weekend. Otherwise I will drive myself mad!

CityMole Tue 22-Mar-16 11:58:50

If it wasn't due until tomorrow then there is every chance that what happened at the weekend wasn't a period, so test later this week if it doesn't come. Meanwhile, find some distractions! grin

Obsidian Thu 31-Mar-16 18:00:10

Update: still confused! Any advice?

So, I tested again on Tuesday and got another BFN. Think my body must be playing tricks on me. But, still have all the same symptoms, plus:

My clothes feel too tight round my middle, and bras are too small
My hair has gone brittle and broken off near the root in two places
Digestion is all over the place
So so tired

I haven't been over-eating, I've been trying to exercise as normal (although finding it a struggle), I'm on holiday so quite relaxed and getting plenty of sleep.

Really thought I'd be feeling better by now, but feel awful, am struggling to find energy to play with DD and there's no obvious explanation!

I'm not pregnant - any ideas what might be wrong with me?? Anyone experienced anything similar? Feeling a bit miserable, and would appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks flowers

claireL1991 Thu 31-Mar-16 18:09:54

At this point I would be seeing my GP to see what he can suggest.
Might be worth paying him a visit.

Sorry you're not feeling any better and aren't getting the results you want sad

Obsidian Thu 31-Mar-16 18:51:15

Thanks claireL1991 - you're probably right about going to the doctor. Just don't want to be laughed out the surgery for imagining it all!

Wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience? I'm perfectly happy to accept I'm not pregnant - just wish the symptoms would go away!

Dixiechick17 Thu 31-Mar-16 21:27:11

Have you recently stopped using a contraceptive to TTC?

Obsidian Thu 31-Mar-16 22:36:25

No! Haven't taken hormonal contraception for well over six months. Just been using condoms, until we decided not to..

I don't usually have any of these symptoms around my period - apart from feeling a bit fatter and grumpier! - and never mid-cycle, which I assume I am now-ish.

PoppitFox Fri 01-Apr-16 13:23:40

I would go to see your Dr maybe dont even mention TTC and just say you have this set of symptoms and see what they say!

have you booked an appointment? xx

Notagain4 Tue 21-Jun-16 18:59:00

Hi I'm feeling a little confused, I am currently in tww and not due af for another 2 days but today I've had this brown discharge and for the last week I have been feeling nauseous , tired constant headache lightheaded and dizzy , any advice ladies??

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