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Gestational Diabetes and labour Snacks and drinks?

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MrsGlam Tue 22-Mar-16 10:01:57

I have been diagnosed with GD at late gestation (34 weeks) I am now 35+4 and now thinking about labour and snacks and drinks..What on earth do I take in? I have read that they monitor your blood sugars hourly so unsure what snacks I can take in so any ideas would be welcome!
I am currently controlling with Diet and meteformin once a day

babynumber3eek Tue 22-Mar-16 14:00:02

I'm insulin controlled GD, although only diagnosed a few weeks ago so no expert. I'd take whatever snacks you are currently tolerating plus a little of what you fancy - your body will be working hard so slightly more carbs etc shouldn't be too disastrous.

Having said that, when I had DD1 I couldn't tolerate eating anything whatsoever, so I wouldn't get too stressed by selecting snacks. They will be able to provide you with anything you need to raise/lower bs too.

Liskee Tue 22-Mar-16 16:38:46

I'm on my second pregnancy, second time round diagnosed again with GD. My previous experience of labour was being induced at 39+3 because of GD and having a baby boy at 39+5 after 12 hours of labour brought on by a syntocin drip and waters being broken.

All I can say about labour snacks and drinks is that they're not needed! I was offered and ate a yucky hospital dinner 30 minutes before they advised a bed was free in the delivery suite and, because of hospital policy based on my blood sugars at that time, I had glucose and insulin administered throughout labour. My DP tested my blood sugars hourly for me as I was so focused on labouring that I couldn't have kept an eye on the time. All I wanted through labour was water and loads of it. DP took his job at providing it Very Seriously!

I think if you were to have a starts on it's own, builds up in it's own time labour you might be interested in having a packet of snackajacks or a banana, but my personal experience was there wasn't time or the inclination as I went from 0-60 in a matter of minutes.

I'd suggest plenty of water on hand and a birthign partner who's there to supply it! Good Luck smile

MrsGlam Tue 22-Mar-16 18:19:59

Thanks ladies!
I won't worry to much about it then just have snacks for H and me with water..I wasn't sure how it works to be honest! I am not seeing my consultant until the 7th and I will be 39 weeks on the 15th so if they are inducing me I won't have long to prepare!
Good plan on getting H to do them will have to show him how to do them!

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