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23 weeks and measuring low anyone??

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Emmaheathrow Tue 22-Mar-16 09:46:42

I have posted before and got so many responses but I just wanted to post a more specific thread to see if anyone has any experience of this. My waters broke at 23 plus 1. I'm now 23 plus 4. Yesterday I had a scan and I'm currently an inpatient. They have said she is measuring bellow the 9th percentile for everything and her ac is really low and she only weighs a pound. It's upset me so much. I don't know why she isn't growing and doctors seem completely unconcerned. One doctor told me it's either because she is just small or because they can't get as accurate measurements because of the low waters. Has anyone else had this issue after their waters have gone?? I'm really worried that my placenta has been effected by the waters and now isn't giving her what she needs.

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