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Second hand bugaboo donkey

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MyBreadIsEggy Mon 21-Mar-16 14:13:00

After umm-ing and aaa-ing over double buggies for ages, DH and I have decided on a bugaboo donkey. DD will be 18mo when our new baby arrives, so a buggy board on our existing buggy just won't cut the mustard.
There's no way we can afford to buy one brand new, but have found quite a few reasonably priced second hand ones on gumtree and the like.
So what should I be looking out for?? Are there any common faults with the Donkey that I should know about?

ELA88 Mon 21-Mar-16 14:56:58

I'm place marking here! I've been looking at second hand double buggies too as DS will be 18months when baby is born too so would love to hear reviews!

superherostrawberry Mon 21-Mar-16 17:52:59

I have a 2012 Donkey and it's still in amazing condition. As far as I can work out there is a newer chassis available now, but I've never had any trouble with mine. I'd imagine the originals will be quite a bit cheaper. If I was to sell mine now (duo) I would hope to get between £600-650, is that the kind of price you're looking at? I think we paid £1,200 new
The only things that have required care are the wheels (we've had a few punctures, so check on the tyres) and also the foam bumper bars (my kids bit into theirs, so we got covers embroidered with their names on... available on eBay if you end up getting one with teethmarks in!)

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 21-Mar-16 17:56:30

The cheapest I've found on gumtree was a 2012 duo for £375, and the most expensive is a 2015 duo for £750 - and we've said £300-£800 is our price bracket x

Izzadoraduncancan Mon 21-Mar-16 18:07:28

I bought a secondhand twin donkey a year ago (the new version). I would recommend sticking to the new version - released 2014ish - holds it value better and folds smaller (can tell difference as two latches are needed on either side of handle to collapse the frame). I test drove it and it was balanced and no excessive movement in chassis. The lady I bought from had 1 year old twins so I kinda knew I didn't have very heavy toddlers etc putting pressure on the frame. I also got the maxi cosi seat adapted to fit which was so useful.
A great investment, I will get most of my money back on it and the best pushchair I have ever owned.

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 22-Mar-16 07:33:55

There's a little independent shop where I got my Silvercross pioneer from that stocks a lot of doubles and tandems including the donkey, so I think we will take a visit there with DD and plonk her in the toddler seat, and use one of the weighted dolls they have in the shop to judge roughly how easy it will be for me to manouvre!

Junosmum Tue 22-Mar-16 09:48:29

Bugaboos are really well built. We bought a second hand cameleon for £160 from eBay and apart from the odd scratch it's like new. The great thing about them is that everything comes off and goes in the washing machine.

There are some fake chassis hanging about though- google it so that you know what to look for.

Tftpoo Tue 22-Mar-16 11:37:11

I have a Donkey for twins and would thoroughly recommend it. The hoods are a bit annoying as they come off quite easily and the rain covers are awful - so tight they are a nightmare to get on and mine have split after minimal use. Everything else about it is great though, light, easy to push one handed and very manoeuvrable so the minor niggles don't really matter.

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