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Whooping Cough vaccine

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Scattymere Mon 21-Mar-16 10:36:53

Hi all
Im definitely going to have this as had it when pregnant with DS. Just rung doctors and next appointment is only in 10 days time, by which time Ill be 33 + 5 when the best time is between 28-32 weeks.
I looked up reason and it states "Vaccination during weeks 28 to 32 of pregnancy helps the mother make antibodies to fight pertussis. It takes about two weeks for antibody levels to peak". Does anyone with any/more medical understanding know if this is incase you give birth early, so you definitely have a safe 2 weeks to be able to allow antibodies to peak and pass on to baby or if for some reason 28-32 weeks is the only time antibodies can peak to the best amounts? Annoyed with myself for leaving it so late now...

Bearberry Mon 21-Mar-16 11:43:08

Just had mine at 35 weeks as midwife told me to book before 38 weeks but no other time frame... Nurse who administered explained that 28-32 weeks was ideal and this was in case baby arrived early. Midwife on the other hand just said by 38 weeks as takes two weeks to pass to baby through placenta. So basically it's just incase you have baby from 34 weeks onwards if that makes sense, as you need the two weeks for antibodies to pass. I explicitly asked if the vaccination would be any less effective at 35 weeks and she confirmed it worked in exactly the same way. Hope that helps!

Scattymere Mon 21-Mar-16 14:41:17

bear you star, thanks for reassurance!!

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