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Positive test, some spotting then negative test

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Sharp23 Sun 20-Mar-16 15:57:41

I had 2 positive tests Monday, then started to spot following some discomfort Wednesday night. It was stringy and dark brown and was in frequent. The cramping stopped on wednesday and the brown stuff stopped and I have had nothing since yesterday afternoon. The spotting didn't get worse or heavier or redder and I was reassures that it should be fine may just be an old bleed. To settle my mind I took a test today and it was negative.

Have I miscarried? I had one before and I had a period type bleed then, so far I've had nothing like that. My breast still hurt and I feel tired and a bit sick ( possibly just old symptoms I suppose)

I have pcos and have been on metformin ( which I stopped. The minute I got a positive test) and have took clomid to get pregnant

Please help

LauraAW93 Mon 21-Mar-16 21:36:18

Hi 😊 well there's no way you can get a false positive so you were definitely pregnant. As far as the bleeding I'm going to say it was just old blood going off of the colour you described.

The discomfort you felt could be due to anything (trapped gas, generally upset tummy)

I would wait a day or two then test again and make an appointment to see your doctor no matter the result. Unfortunately if its negative then you have probably had an early miscarriage and would need to go to the doctors to make sure you're okay and if it's positive (fingers crossed) then you need to see them to arrange appointments and so he can check to make sure you're body is in a good condition for pregnancy.

My best wishes to you, please update when you find out. Would be lovely to know 😊

Maima Tue 22-Mar-16 23:25:29

Sharp 23,need updates plz cz i too hv pcos n goin thru the same situation!!

Fridgedooropen Tue 22-Mar-16 23:32:59

This happened to me a few months back and it was an early miscarriage I'm afraid. The negative test was a huge shock as I just didn't expect it after the joy of getting a positive fairly recently. Proper bleeding started some days later but my doctor had said in the meantime I could get a blood test done at the local walk in centre (he wrote me up a form I could collect from the surgery) to find out for sure. I would ring yours tomorrow and ask. flowers

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