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Positive or Negative?

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Catherinescanlon11 Sun 20-Mar-16 13:31:40

Hey guys, could anyone give me their opinions on my test result?

fitzbilly Sun 20-Mar-16 13:35:15

Doesn't two lines usually mean positive?smile

Catherinescanlon11 Sun 20-Mar-16 13:43:56

A plus sign is yes but my partner seems to think that's negative. As its a cheep test.

SpeakNoWords Sun 20-Mar-16 13:44:36

There is a faint cross line - how long did it take to appear, was it within the test guidelines?

Catherinescanlon11 Sun 20-Mar-16 14:12:12

Yeh right away more or less

FeckOfffCup Sun 20-Mar-16 14:20:15

It looks like a faint positive to me? Could you test again in the morning, apparently first thing in the morning is the best time to do it

SpeakNoWords Sun 20-Mar-16 14:22:58

I would say it's a positive then! Doing a test first thing in the morning to double check would be my advice.

Catherinescanlon11 Sun 20-Mar-16 14:23:06

It came in a pack of two so I did one the next day and barely any lines at all came up. Must of been a dud one maybe? My little girl is 4 months old and I haven't had periods come back yet so I don't even know if I was "late" which is why I bought a cheepy one instead. Didn't want to waste to much.

Artioo2 Sun 20-Mar-16 16:03:29

Why does your partner think it's a negative? The price of a test makes no difference, a line is a line. The more pricey tests just tend to have more branding, a bigger box and a fancy casing, the test itself works in the same way. Even 'barely any line' is a positive if a line is visible and you read it within the time you're supposed to. smile

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