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Day 8 overdue- anyone else? Any tips?

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Newfamily2014 Sun 20-Mar-16 06:44:22

41+1weeks today.
No sign of baby.
First day of Spring so what a perfect day to arrive into the world!
Anyone else in same boat?
Any tips on how to encourage baby to make an appearance, desperate for a cuddle with baby! X

Augustwedding Sun 20-Mar-16 06:51:40

I was 13 days over in the end. Had to be induced. I tried long walks, swimming, curry, sex and nothing helped for me! I also slept lots and spent time with dh as was our first.

Good luck and congratulations!

almmummy Sun 20-Mar-16 07:06:08

Totally random one but a few of my friends and I discovered having fish and chips for tea seemed to have done something - maybe a weird coincidence but perhaps there is something in having a filling meal to give your body the energy it needs. However it was rather gross when I puked it all over the hospital bed several hours later - put me off for months!

almmummy Sun 20-Mar-16 07:06:24

PS had her at 40 + 9

Newfamily2014 Sun 20-Mar-16 07:27:16

I had a very spicy Thai green curry last night which made my nose run and baby wriggle but not come out!
Been up and mobile as have a toddler at home too and just bought one of those big balls to bounce on.

augustwedding How was the induction? Not very keen on one but looks like I'm heading that way. If I do have to be induced then really hoping that I'll only need a little nudge to go into labour rather than the full works, did you find that?

almmummy I'm a big fan of fish and chips so any excuse works for me! Sorry to hear about the vomiting, I was the same in 1st labour- vomited do much I was worried they would run out of sick bowls lol! (Sorry tmi!)

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 20-Mar-16 07:32:33

I'm being induced early on Tuesday so I'm trying all the "methods" in the hope that it'll get things going a bit easier blush

Had some incredibly awkward sex last night-not as easy now I'm bigger confused

I think I'd prefer fish and chips though!

NoPlanYet Sun 20-Mar-16 07:42:14

I was induced at 40+10, took 3 more days for baby to arrive.
My only tip is be patient. It's only a few more days and once baby arrives you'll forget all about the waiting

SunsetSinger Sun 20-Mar-16 09:54:07

What got me started at 6 days over was DH bouncing me vigorously on the birthing ball!

MintyBojingles Sun 20-Mar-16 14:15:06

I sees a huge meal got me going, worth a shot at least!

MintyBojingles Sun 20-Mar-16 14:16:22

Oh, I was 12 days overdue and down to be induced the next day. Also swear sweeps helped, and demanded extra... Unpleasant as they were!

Lizkmg Sun 20-Mar-16 18:39:47

I'm 40+3 now so also playing the waiting game. Sex and walking haven't helped me yet, I can't face fatty food like curry, I've been on my ball every night. I think baby baby is just stubborn smile

Newfamily2014 Mon 21-Mar-16 12:21:27

Love all the tips thanks ladies!
9 days today.. This is my first day of really feeling everything is an effort and I'm shattered but I guess I'm going to be shattered when the baby arrives anyway! ;-) x

sepa Mon 21-Mar-16 12:44:15

I was 1 week early. I dropped a large bottle of Ribena on me while cleaning my kitchen then had a spicy stir fry for dinner (this was a Monday). My waters broke early Tuesday and I had my LO on the Friday!
The Ribena dropping did hurt though! Lol

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