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Cervix has got shorter at 23 weeks

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Lillyjackson17 Fri 18-Mar-16 19:15:27

I'm really concerned about this but unsure if I should be? I'm 23 weeks exactly today. On and off all day I have had period type pains ranging from dull to quiet bad, although none of them where that intense to really be over powering and managed work ok. I then had back ache all day and just a weird pain from my uterus. Baby has been kicking all day.

My cervix has always been very low even when not pregnant. I know this as sex is difficult at times (too deep will hit it and cause pain) I've been bleeding on and off in this pregnancy mostly just a little bit here and there and have been to maternity twice for it, dismissed each time saying they couldn't see any blood on internal examination and advised me it could have been from my vagina rather than my actual cervix.

Everytime I have bleeding I now check my cervix (with very very clean washed hands) to see if the blood is coming from there. My cervix is so low that I can feel it well and have felt the length etc a few times.

Today I felt it as I had the tiniest amount of pink blood on the tissue after a wee. It's so short! It's about half the size it usually is!

I am scared, does this mean anything? My cramps are dull at the moment not intense at all. I'm really scared as I have a history of preemies from PPROM (waters always broke a couple of days before contractions ever started) I have a 33 weaker and a 31 weeker but never one as early as this 😬

April2013 Fri 18-Mar-16 19:49:50

If I was you I would go straight to maternity assessment unit\labour ward and get checked out - hopefully they can just put your mind at rest but if there is a problem they can help you.

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