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Norovirus (sickness/diarrhoea) & Pregnancy

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bessie84 Fri 18-Mar-16 16:22:54

Has anyone had sick bug when pregnant? DS had it last week and im anxiously waiting my turn. IM DREADING IT. We've all had it before and it was shocking, i wanted to die it was that bad, ive seriously developed a phobia of it since having it before. but even more so now, im worried if i get it when pregnant it may do harm? (cramping/pain down there from diarrhoea/pain from been sick)

Can anyone give tips in case or ease my concerns. (im nearly 24 weeks)

socktastic Fri 18-Mar-16 16:27:16

I was really bad with norovirus beginning of December. It was hell! Everything was fine pregnancy wise though. Your immunity is less when pregnant so you're going to be more susceptible to bugs going round. 25 weeks and I'm on cold number 5!

lljkk Fri 18-Mar-16 16:57:20

Keep fluid intake up. Keep handwashing & hygiene measures up & maybe you won't get it. Nowt else you can do, really. I have BTDT, btw.

bessie84 Fri 18-Mar-16 17:07:23

what does BTDT mean? (sorry lol)

UptownFunk00 Fri 18-Mar-16 17:09:46

It's horrible as I had diarrhoea with both of my pregnancies and no idea what caused it but it wont harm your baby unless it's something more serious. A regular bug should be absolutely fine but you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Junosmum Fri 18-Mar-16 17:35:48

Buy some cheap sugary ice pops/ lollies NOW. So when you start with it you can suck them and keep hydrated as you won't be able to keep water down. You'll feel shit (no pun intended) but baby will be fine.

lljkk Fri 18-Mar-16 17:37:10

BTDT = been there done that, or in this case, had a terrible vomitting bug when I was pregnant (shudder). Keep fluids up.

Frazzled2207 Fri 18-Mar-16 17:49:18

Not norovirus but I did have a horrendous vomiting bug when pg. It was unpleasant but I was not as ill as my husband.
See if you can get hold of diarolyte- check if you can take it when pg. I recently had norovirus and that helped a lot.

bessie84 Sat 19-Mar-16 08:22:16

Thanks ladies x

juneau Sat 19-Mar-16 08:29:19

If he had it last week then you're probably in the clear. Normal transmission time for D+V type bugs is less than five days (and generally if you're okay after 48 hours then you've avoided it!)

RoobyTuesday Sat 19-Mar-16 08:39:38

I had it when I was 26 weeks pregnant with DS 3 (who is now 16 months). I was also really worried but I was fine - the doctor told me to drink fluids at body temperature which really worked, cold or hot fluids exacerbate the vomiting and diarrhoea. It was a pretty miserable couple of days but all was well in the end. Just try and keep your fluids up by sipping on luke warm water a to avoid getting dehydrated.

RoobyTuesday Sat 19-Mar-16 08:41:16

That's if you get it sorry! Sounds like you might be fine! Like others have said keep washing your hands and avoid cleaning up others sick if you can

lljkk Sat 19-Mar-16 09:55:28

It can take some stupid time for transmission, certainly keep hygiene measures up for at least 4 days. (I learnt the hard way).

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