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Pregnancy after Miscarriage

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Chelsea2016 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:28:00

Hi all!
New to mums net. I'm after some advice and others stories really. I had a miscarriage on the 4th of February, I was 9 weeks but the baby stopped growing at 7. I had a natural miscarriage, upon returning they said everything had gone. I them continued to bleed until the 13/14th Feb! I did not do a test afterwards as I was too upset. However, I have not had my period yet and have done a few HPT and have a 1-2 weeks from clear blue and a faint line from a first response HPT.
I have had bloods taken today, having to wait until Monday for bloods again to confirm if my levels are rising.
Any advice or similar situations would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks ☺️

MadameJosephine Thu 17-Mar-16 22:38:06

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in February 2012, I bled heavily and a scan revealed everything had gone. Four weeks later I hadn't had my period, I thought it was just because my cycle had been messed up by the miscarriage but I took a test anyway as I had one left and it was positive. Like you I hadn't tested after the miscarriage so I thought maybe it was hormones left over but I was wrong, my lovely Dd was born in November 2012, 40 weeks after I miscarried smile

I really hope you get the same wonderful news I did when you get your results flowers

Chelsea2016 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:44:54

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm trying to be hopeful as I wouldn't have thought I'd have a positive this far after a MC, especially when I didn't have any surgery. I'm like clockwork, so I expected my period on the weekend just gone. I just hate the waiting game!! We tried for over a year to conceive our second child so we were absolutely devastated!
Fingers crossed ☺️ Xxx

Reebok Fri 18-Mar-16 07:53:10

Firstly sorry for your loss. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant after mc in July. Got pregnant without a period straight away. So it's completely possible. Fingers crossed for you!

Warpeddog Sat 19-Mar-16 14:55:53

I had an mc last December and fell pregnant straight after. We were exactly 'trying' so didn't find out until I was 6 weeks pregnant (was waiting for my first period to come). It will just be harder to work out exact due date until your first scan. Good luck x

Warpeddog Sat 19-Mar-16 14:56:36

*weren't trying (not were)

Chelsea2016 Sat 19-Mar-16 16:00:10

I did another test this morning but the line was a lot lighter than what it was when I tested on Thursday. I'm worried now that the only reason I'm getting a positive test is due to my miscarriage.
The top picture is on Thursday and the bottom is today. I thought the line would have appeared darker.
Feeling really impatient waiting for my blood tests now 😥 Xxx

Jw35 Sat 19-Mar-16 16:11:58

That's odd. Why would the pregnancy hormone be in your body so long after a mc? I had a very early mc one month and got pregnant the next. I ovulated 2 weeks after the mc but I was only 4.5 weeks when I mc. I hope it's a new pregnancy for you op!

MadameJosephine Sun 20-Mar-16 12:24:05

I wouldn't read too much into the different shade of positive, it can change from batch to batch with the tests and according to how hydrated you are. Fingers crossed for your blood test tomorrow

Chelsea2016 Sun 20-Mar-16 12:54:35

Thank you! I will keep you updated ☺️ Xx

Chelsea2016 Mon 21-Mar-16 13:43:37

Hello all. I had my blood test back at a 26, so I had another one which I am awaiting. Since this morning I have taken 2 more tests which have come back negative and I have just 'come on!'
So the positive must have been from my miscarriage 😥
Never mind, at least we can start trying again soon!
Thanks for all the advice x

MadameJosephine Mon 21-Mar-16 20:47:28

Sorry to hear that Chelsea flowers

Best of luck for the future, hope you don't have to wait too long

tamzo Mon 21-Mar-16 21:04:45

I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago and am now pregnant again

Penguinepenguins Mon 21-Mar-16 21:13:54

Sorry to hear that Chelesa xx I had a MC in November it took nearly two months for my levels to return to normal after my natural
Miscarriage, and then they did very quickly smile

Don't loose heart, It will happen again for you soon xx it's just happened for us again still heartbroken about my miscarriage but I promise you it does get easier just be kind to yourself xx

m33r Tue 22-Mar-16 03:36:04

chelsea I was the same. I tested loads then convinced myself tests had got darker (after very faint squinters). I went to docs and they told me to wait two weeks to get the bloods. I came on a week later. Am gutted too as I convinced myself we were pg again. Hope it's not too long for you x

SodaChick Tue 22-Mar-16 07:14:12

Just found out I am pregnant after mc last year.So sorry about your mc sad I am so worried as at 4 weeks I am expecting my cycle to start any minute and another mc but being very scan in a week

elliej83 Tue 22-Mar-16 07:27:10

I had a miscarriage Jan 15th this year and I am now 9 weeks pregnant. No period in between.
The dr tested my bloods to prove miscarriage and said it would all be out my system in 2-3 weeks so there's no reason why the pregnancy test should be coming up positive I don't think if you aren't actually pregnant in some way /)

Chelsea2016 Sat 02-Jul-16 23:52:33

Hello all. I thought I'd post on this thread as it explains my story.
Still TTC unfortunately. I'm just after some advice with having a hard time with my miscarriage and finding it difficult TTC.
Anyway, about 5 days ago I woke up with red spots on my stomach which seem like bites but they're not itchy. I thought nothing of it but the next day a few more appeared, none have appeared since. Then yesterday I had red spotting which is 2 days before my period is due, (this is really odd for me)... I thought I had come on early but then it stopped. Then today there was one time I wiped and it was red again but after that, nothing. Not enough to put a pad on. I'm due on tomorrow but I can't help getting ahead of myself. I was so desperate to buy a HPT today but I'm so afraid I'll be disappointed once again 😥😔

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