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ECV at 39.3 weeks?

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MissMalteser Thu 17-Mar-16 11:21:00

Went for a growth scan yesterday as baby is measuring big (9.5lbs @ 38.4 weeks) only to find baby has turned breech! My care has now been transferred to consultant led however I have been booked in for an ecv next week at which point I will be 39.3... I am just so worried this is too late and I could go into labour naturally myself by then, If so will it need to be an emergency section? I have been advised against trying to give birth naturally if in breech due to size of baby and I just can't get my head around hanging around for the next 5 days hoping I don't go into labour sad and if they can't turn baby on Tuesday will a section be booked for the same week? So much to think and stress about!

skankingpiglet Thu 17-Mar-16 13:10:50

I'm surprised they are waiting for a week for the ECV tbh. The longer they leave it, the less likely it is to succeed. I had one (unsuccessful) with DD but they performed it at 37wks. They won't do it earlier as if there is a problem, they'll race you straight into theatre to get them out so you need to be term. Do read up on the risks and make sure you are comfortable with them, I found they were quite underplayed to me. Also be prepared it can be very painful. Having now had a cs I wouldn't be able to have another, but if I could I'd refuse.

If the baby doesn't turn either naturally or with the ECV, they will advise an elcs. Similarly if you go into spontaneous labour they will advise an emcs. You of course have the complete right to refuse but it is worth researching the risks and benefits in advance to both a cs and natural breech birth.
DD was frank breech which is supposedly the breech presentation which has the best outcomes for natural delivery, however the risks to the baby are definitely much higher for even this type of breech. This combined with the fact there just isn't the experience of delivering breech within the docs and midwives any more (a factor that has a huge effect on outcomes) I decided it just wasn't worth the risk despite wanting to avoid a cs any way possible. They were willing to wait to perform the cs very close to my edd (39+5).

As for the size of the baby, take that with a pinch of salt. They may be right, but are very very often wrong. I was told DD was measuring small, she was born at a very average 7lb 4oz and I know many other women for whom they got it wrong.

CityMole Thu 17-Mar-16 13:11:05

Have you agreed to the ECV?

there will be somebody along soon who is better placed to advise, but I understand that there are other options- . ECV can be pretty brutal (and is entirely OPTIONAL), so make sure you are well advised and OK with it.

Some people swear by moxibustion, and there is a good website called spinning babies- here's a recent thread-

skankingpiglet Thu 17-Mar-16 13:14:25

I should add, most breech babies go overdue due to not having the pressure of their head on your cervix so try not to worry about going into labour before your appointment. Obviously there are exceptions, but the statistics are on your side smile

polkadotdelight Thu 17-Mar-16 13:18:00

I don't want to frighten you but before you agree to that procedure please do some reading up so that you van make an informed decision. I remember reading a thread on here when I was pregnant about a baby that died as a result of ECV.

makingmiracles Thu 17-Mar-16 13:20:08

Get all the facts on risks. I had ECV with ds1 12 yrs ago, if I had known then what I do know about it, I wouldn't of risked it tbh.

Fugghetaboutit Thu 17-Mar-16 13:24:39

Have a section, much safer.

butterfly86 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:28:22

Dd was breech, I declined an ecv and did go in to labour before my c section date my waters didn't break (which is the worry) but I was 5cm dilated before anyone realised I was in labour. I was terrified of going in to labour but honestly the consultants weren't, I think in my head I imagined it would be an emergency and it would all happen so quickly but in reality it wasn't like that at all. It was classed as a category 2 emergency section and I was in theatre within an hour but it didn't feel like an emergency at all it was very calm and still a lovely experience. Try not to worry x

MissMalteser Thu 17-Mar-16 13:57:40

Thanks everyone, I am surprised they are leaving it so late as well, the ecv is booked at a "breech clinc" at a different hospital and tbh my consultant even had a bit of a fight in her hands to get them to squeeze me in confused not sure what they would have expected me to do instead! I am leaning more towards attending the appointment and discussing my concerns (very close to due date/big baby and anterior placenta) if it sounds too risky then I will elect for the section, it's just such a big thing to get my head round at such short notice:/

MissMalteser Tue 22-Mar-16 15:55:56

quick update for everyone, went for the ecv this morning but didn't get past the monitoring as baby was literally somersaulting the whole way through the pre-monitoring!
So the plan of action is to bring me in to induce tmow, they are going to turn baby then start labour straight away with a drip so the contractions keep him in place? Baby is apparently halfway turned already with lots of fluid around him so everything looks good, nerves are kicking in now though!
I know the drop can make contractions more intense so I'm thinking I should ask for an epidural at the same time?

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