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UTI pregnancy and time off?

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Considerphebas Wed 16-Mar-16 20:13:03

Currently 18 weeks pregnant and feeling guilty about the amount of time I've had off! I've had 3 previous miscarriages and already had to have a week off with high blood pressure (meds made me feel awful!) Plus loads of appointments with cardiologist, obstetricians and midwife. Now I've got a UTI and have been off since Monday- constantly weeing, feeling rough and in pain and needing to go immediately or else! Not helped that it's giving me braxton hicks and spotting. Basically I'm a big, paranoid pregnant mess and work are being lovely but I still feel like such a fraud! Usually I'd just dose up on pain killers and get on with it. Im convinced they think I'm faking it. Reassure me I'm not the only one!

seven201 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:23:34

I had a bad UTI recently (I have existing kidney issues) and had a day off. I initially was going to go in for the afternoon (after seeing gp) but in the end rang up to ask if it would be a nightmare if I didn't come in (I'm a teacher) and luckily it was fine. I shouldn't have gone in the next couple of days either as I kept nipping out to use the loo (I did have permission to leave the classes unattended as the loo is so close!) and I was so bloody knackered as for the first night I counted 10 night time wee trips! I think given your other health issues then it's absolutely right to look after yourself. I also thought 'they' would think I was making it up but when I rang to ask about not coming in I said I will come in anyway if I'm needed and got a really nice reassuring reply about how they know I would etc. Don't feel guilty, you need to look after you and the baby.

Dixiechick17 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:30:07

Not everyone has an easy pregnancy. Try not to feel guilty and just relax. I had two seperate weeks off at 15 and 17 weeks, then I was signed off for two weeks at 25 weeks and then signed off at 31 weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy. Just focus on getting yourself well, you and the baby come before work flowers

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