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11 weeks and bleeding

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keleigh1989 Wed 16-Mar-16 11:49:05

I woke up at 2.30 this morning with blood in my underwear rang 111 and they told me to go to a and e where the doctor examined me internally and felt my stomach and said everything seems ok but.... They couldn't do a scan until Friday morning 2 days away! Didn't listen for a heartbeat or anything ..... I'm going out of my mind with worry and when I spoke to midwife on phone they basically made me feel like I'm not important because I'm only 11 weeks...... :/ feeling pretty crap and it's my birthday tomorrow sad
Has anyone else had bleeding and is been on?

Fifi10 Wed 16-Mar-16 12:07:41

I had some bleeding at 15w5. Cut off point for Maternity Unit was 16w so I got sent to a and e, waited ages and when I did get seen I was told to go home and wait to see if it got worse or was painful. No examination, no hb listened to and not offered scan as they said "there's nothing they can do anyway". I'm now 17w and nothing else has happened so I'm just assuming all will be fine at my 20w scan.

I know it's horrible but 2 days for a scan is pretty good as things go. If the bleeding has stopped it could all be fine so I hope you get the reassurance you need.

ToffeeLass Wed 16-Mar-16 16:11:35

Hi keleigh, I came across your post as I am going through something similar myself.
I'm 10 weeks pregnant and experiencing stop-start spotting and bleeding, literally for an hour a day since last wed. I'm waiting for a call back from my doc today and I'm going to ask to get referred for an early scan.
I hope everything goes well for you on Friday, I know it is all just so terrifying and frustrating....especially the waiting. No one seems to be able to tell you anything other than every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique when really all we want is black and white, yes or no answers!

keleigh1989 Wed 16-Mar-16 22:22:28

I rang midwife today and it was just like I didn't really matter because I'm "only 11 weeks" her words !
I felt a little disheartened.
I have spent the day resting up and I don't appear to have anymore bleeding and the cramps have eased so fingers crossed all will be ok for Friday morning. I will keep you posted. Let me know how you go also please x

ToffeeLass Thu 17-Mar-16 09:54:35

I hate it when they treat you like you are an idiot. I've just got off the phone with the doc again...he is such a patronising prick! He's booked me in to the epu tomorrow morning though so it looks like we'll be going through this together tomorrow. I think you can be hopeful of everything is easing off for you. My bleeding is still stop start, comes and goes over a couple of hours so I'm hopeful too.
P.S. Happy birthday! I know it is not the way you wanted to spend it but try to enjoy having your feet up on doctors orders and I hope you get spoiled X

keleigh1989 Fri 18-Mar-16 06:52:08

Thank you! My bleeding all stopped , only lasted for that day so fingers crossed! I'm feeling hopeful for today's scan !
I enjoyed a lovely birthday with lots of special people and didn't think about today too much! X I'm feeling positive x
Let me know how you get on!!! All the best xxx

ToffeeLass Fri 18-Mar-16 11:21:31

Not great news for me I'm afraid. I should be 10+6 but the scan is showing a sac that measures at 6 weeks. The sac is also not showing any signs of yolk etc. They've booked me in for a re-scan next thurs but I'm coming to terms with the fact that it is probably not meant to be this time.
I hope your news is much better, I've got my finger crossed for you X

keleigh1989 Fri 18-Mar-16 13:15:49

Oh no sad I feel really sad for you ! I'm sorry to hear that !!
And feel bad for telling you that all is well for me, 11 weeks and a good little heartbeat x

Don't give up all hope, you may have just got your dates wrong??

Let me know how it goes next week?? X

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