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Early pregnancy unit - how quick are referrals (in particular Royal Surrey County Hospital)

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dodi1978 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:17:06


am 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow and having a light bleed. Am really worried.
After discovering this today, I called maternity services for advice. They advised me to go to my GP and get a referral to the early pregnancy service for an early scan, but that it might take a few days to get an appointment.

I was lucky to get a GP appointment asap. The GP there told me he will fax them the referral now and to expect an appointment tomorrow.

What are your experiences? I am really worried as I never had any bleeding with my first pregnancy. It is a very light bleed, but fresh red blood.

whiteychappers Tue 15-Mar-16 18:56:52

I've I haven't any experience but wanted to wish you lots of luck, bleeding doesnt always mean something bad so until you know for definitive don't give up hope x

dodi1978 Tue 15-Mar-16 22:14:16

Thanks! Feeling a bit more positive now as there has hardly been any more tonight. It's hardly even visible on a panty liner, just a light smear on toilet paper. Still hoping for an early scan tomorrow!

ronconcoke Tue 15-Mar-16 22:20:43

It's great that you've got an appointment so quickly. I've suffered 3 mc's, and by the third was self-referring to the early pregnancy unit at the Royal Surrey. They are brilliant there - so understanding and sympathetic. I'm in my third trimester now and called them up at around week 6 or 7 for an early scan just to be on the safe side.

Fingers crossed yours is nothing to worry about.

maltwisney Tue 15-Mar-16 22:35:33

I had bad bleeding from 8 weeks with cramps. Took myself off to a&e and they sent me up to the EPU first thing for a scan. This was at Frimley park though.
Hideous pregnancy with heavy, clotty bleeding until 21 weeks and several weeks in hospital on bedrest.
DD is 9 soon smile
Keep calm and keep pestering them you don't hear back.

maltwisney Tue 15-Mar-16 22:36:25

*if you don't hear back
Sorry, bloody laptop.

novemberchild Wed 16-Mar-16 02:17:52

I was seen the next morning when I bled at 5 weeks. Red bleed, like yours. Now 9 weeks or so, baby apparently fine according to 2 scans. Good luck!

dodi1978 Wed 16-Mar-16 08:29:05

Ok, just hoping for that call to come now! Bleeding is a bit stronger now, more like a light period. No idea how I will concentrate at work.

novemberchild Wed 16-Mar-16 21:09:05

There are some units where you can just show up. I called in sick and just went.

Google Early Pregnancy Units and it lists ones for self-referral by area.

dodi1978 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:27:13


luckily, I got an appointment for tomorrow, but I think it helped being pushy! When I hadn't had a phone call by noon, I rang them. Lo and behold, they had received the referral from my GP but not yet acted on it.
Anyway, booked in for 11am tomorrow morning and hoping and praying I can see a little bean! Still bleeding, but very, very lightly. Has never actually been strong, but so different from my first pregnancy when I had no bleeding whatsoever from my last period to the day DS was born!

With me luck!

ronconcoke Thu 17-Mar-16 14:14:06

How did it go?

dodi1978 Thu 17-Mar-16 18:33:56

It went well! Such a relief! Baby all fine! I had sort of almost stopped worrying anyway because the bleed was very light, and nothing new at all this morning.

And the visit ended in a surprise: turns out that the first day of my last period, by which I had calculated my due date, was probably the implantation bleed. The baby actually measures 10 weeks 4 days rather than 7 weeks 1 day. So I am 3.5 weeks further along than I thought. But baby had arms and had a good wave at us on the ultrasound!

So happy that all is well! Uff!

dodi1978 Thu 17-Mar-16 18:36:04

And as I am already 10 weeks, I had half my midwife booking in visit right away. They took my bloods so that the results are ready for the 12 week scan and the Downs Risk calculation. 12 week scan in two weeks time!

Sunflower1985 Thu 17-Mar-16 20:28:08


ronconcoke Thu 17-Mar-16 23:04:07

Oh, so glad to hear it smile

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